I became interested in the SerenityOS project and wanted to learn as much as possible about the system before attempting to work on it.

The desire to learn led me to start watching and participating in the weekly livestream for a while. I discovered that it was an invaluable resource for newcomers, with Andreas (and sometimes other guests) providing detailed and high-quality technical answers about the OS and, on occasion, programming in general.

Although the livestreams were pretty informative, I came to realize that their spontaneous format caused them to lose most of their value once the broadcast had ended, as it can be difficult to find the most thoughtful and interesting questions among all the chat logs.

As a result, I tried to compile and organize these videos in a more useful way, for instance, by adding timestamps to the questions and categorizing them using tags. Thus, this website was born.


SerenityOS is an open-source, developer-focused, retro-themed, unix-like operating system that Andreas Kling started in 2018. You can learn more at its official website or from Wikipedia.

If you feel like helping out

Timestamping the videos

I’m building tools to do this task as effortlessly as possible. Drop me a DM in Discord at hjalves#6172. Thanks :^)

Making a nicer website

You can download the whole database in JSON or in KDL. Fear not, I have plans to make a proper API, and (much) later, a website with just static documents.

Contributing to the source code

I’ll be making this project open-source soon™︎.

Authors and Credits

Website by Humberto @hjalves. Emoji icons by Gegga @xexxa and all the awesome people at the SerenityOS community. Special thanks to Linus @linusg for creating the emoji TrueType font.