SerenityOS Q&A Compilation

WHF :^)

This website is the result of an ongoing effort to compile and organize all the questions asked during the SerenityOS Q&A livestreams (known as Office Hours), hosted by Andreas Kling on his Youtube channel, usually on Fridays at 15:00 UTC. You can read more at the About page.

Update from 2023-04-07: Andreas is currently taking a break from the livestreams and unprepared videos in general.

Project status indicators below.

From 77 Q&A videos, 23 videos have been timestamped, 22 completely.
1139 questions added
1456 minutes of 7767 total minutes of content, about 18.7% done.
288 questions tagged
402 minutes of 7767 total minutes of content, about 5.2% done.
4944 remaining questions
There is still an estimated 4944 questions and comments to be timestamped (± 297, 95% CI).