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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2023-02-03)
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hide the sore throat in tea
we will watch a videos without you talk :p
open up notepad to type and use that late 2000s free music track
(Andreas shows Jakt destructors implementation)
oh the latency seems super low! nice internet you got there, andreas!
there is kind a trend where people do videos "Work with me", just music and they study or do computer work
Does Jakt still translate to C++?
SerenityTubers :ladyball:
what do you think about using jakt as a web programming language? i.e compiling it to wasm?
how are profilers implemented? I'm guessing Jakt has one, I'm curious about how they are done
how will destructor be used in Jakt, automatic like drop() method in rust?
Does anyone else feel like their math ability holds them back? It’s just been a minute.
whk! so... what are we drinking today, and out of which mug!
When and how do you plan to monetize serenity? I cant imagine this project going for next 5+ years without some funding. Like, is there any plan in that regard?
by any chance do you know how to fix low dopamine levels? I have lost almost all interest in activites not sure what to do lol
do you have preferred coder streamers or watch at random?
What is SpiceServer in serenity?
How do you compare JAKT and Herb Sutter's cpp2 initiative to simplify current c++ ? Is current complexity of modern c++ the thing these share in common ? Where does that leave c++ in the long term ?
Have you guys profiled Jakt generated code yet? How much do you think the extra checking necessary for more "safety" will affect serenity speed?
hello πŸ‘‹ it's been a long time hope you've been doing well!
Do you feel better today or 2,3 years ago when you did serenity after work and as side project?
I have found using an arena allocator in C takes away the pain of alloc/free
When I’m doing osdev my graphics run slow as hell
Damn I did like commute talk hahaha
A good example of some improvements given by arena allocators: In an interpreter, it would be a pain to traverse the AST and free all the AST nodes.
how do you commit to long term projects? I often get pulled in many directions
Is GitHub Sponsors still the best way to support you? I saw they're not covering all fees anymore, but don't quite remember
Any thoughts on making allocators "first class citizens" at the language level? Seems interesting to me to have as an option even if the default allocator is the heap allocator
any PRs you've seen or heard about lately that you're excited to see? for me it's all the aarch64 support, but also the little, slowly changing things such as the Core::Stream replacements
WHF! I'm late as usual. πŸ˜…
Will the new 3x3 sub pixel positioning for font rendering lead to MSFT ClearType-like font rendering?
TYVC is a big advocator for polish if i must pick a favorite :^)
JT announce LangJam, what you think you participate doing something in Jakt 😊
did you remove the hotdog stand theme because you were not a hotdog or because you don't like hotdogs
catdog looks like it has three front legs, certainly an interesting species
it's wearing a scarf
i love this stream
Will there ever be a headless build for SerenityOS, so you could host it like a cloud linux server? :P
How does one beat a porn addiction? Im suffering from this and millions are. Pretty sure its gonna be a massive problem in the future also china and a bunch of other countries banned it
Hotdogs and catdogs... Just joined the stream and it seems like I missed a few interesting things :caret:
(boot the system in text mode)
it used to be one option but now it's two... one for turning off the frame buffer and another for saying if you want text, GUI or self test
well I know what I'm doing for April fool's :)
I wonder, is turning off preemption a good idea for getting more consistent benchmarking results? It certainly won't reflect the results during "normal" usage, but...
I'm having a silly PR ready for 1 April, not sure if silly PRs are allowed on 1 April or if it's just annoying bloat.
benchmarks should always represent "normal" usage, because optimizing for abnormal scenarios could deoptimize normal scenarios
I wasn't necessarily talking about anything automated, just the usual one-time "I made some performance improvements to X" and the follow-up "Do you have numbers to back that up?" :^)
Also, "hot dog" is totally valid Swedish, it translates to "threat died" πŸ™‚