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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2023-03-31)
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Andreas shows the website notion.so in Ladybird
Single-page apps, or perhaps JAM-stack apps?
Any kerning bad reports lately?
Q how does the jakt typechecker resolve imported types, some types may rely on other types imported etc. Also how do you generate the cpp allowing out of order types to be declared in jakt?
So, here's a question. What does a normal "Andreas Kling"-day look like. Are you a morning-type person, or a night owl? Do you work in long stretches, or small bursts throughout the day?
Hey Andreas! I wanted to add a link to the man page website on the project’s homepage. Do you agree if that would be a good idea?
I’ve made a commit, but kleines said the main website isn’t deployed from the main repo. If not would you be happy to add the link (if you think it’s a good idea)?
i've been back to programming recently. one problem (?) i noticed is that i tend to constantly clean up my code rather than implementing implementing things, so my progress is very slow. any advice?
Any plans on a Serenity OS meetup in Europe( to start with) soon? :)
I actually started my own compiler which generates cpp before jakt was started but as you can imagine progress is far behind when you are a solo dev. But looking at jakt has been motivating to see
I wanted to ask about the same thing. Is the current state of the website equivalent to the repository or not? Can we maybe change the process so that this will always be the case?
Emotions are hard.
Can't even decompile them because there's no EmotionDeobfuscator 😞
People and COBOL
That reminds me.. how do you feel about the "threat" (if even) of being replaced by AI?
I contribute to the linux kernel for work but contributing to the SerenityOS Kernel and watching your kernel hacking videos makes me understand a lot of design decisions in Linux. Thanks a lot :)
Haha. My hope is to bring back some of those goodies from Linux to Serenity. :)
to make the kernel simpler, is it time to pull more services out of the kernel, into a more microkern ?
Do you ever mess around with hardware too (as in, outside of making Serenity work on things) Andreas? Such as messing around with dev boards or FPGAs etc etc
I've got some good resources I can throw your way. I'll shoot them over on Discord
+1 for Semi annual Kernel hacking videos.!!
Do these streams ever not get many questions?
You cannot measure "community impact", but you can surely tell when the community is (or is not) working out. I legit think these videos help form it a lot
what are hippos, of not water yaks?
where did you get inspiration from for the UX and UI for Serenity?
@Andreas Regarding your comment on not trying the NVMe driver. I do have a Pull request open that made some changes to the NVMe driver. Maybe a good chance for you to try it out πŸ˜‰
I was watching old videos and stumbled upon the one where you changed the windowserver backing bitmaps from shbufs to anonymous files, it was wondering about the reason about it
When watching your hacking videos, I often don't understand your pronunciation of API vs ABI. I guess you are talking about API as ABI stability is not a concern, correct?
As a British earl grey enjoyer I’ve been meaning to tell you to try TeaPigs Earl Grey. It’s the real deal, though definitely a treat as it’s pricier than twinings, and I think it’s available in πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ!
is this channel mostly about frontend and javascript ?
Does listening to music while coding distract you? If not, what style of music do you prefer?
I think you mentioned in some car talk that you don't use macOS anymore because it was frustrating you couldn't just pop open the apple source code and poke around. why doesn't that apply to iOS?
Do you keep a list of tasks that someone could pick up if they are looking to help out but don't know with what?
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I have been Twinings wrong this whole time as twin-ing-s
Twinings doesn’t know nothing bout making tea
My go-to coding music genre is chiptune
Liquid Drum and Bass is good working music.
Almost at 40k! Do you have any fun videos planned to celebrate? I remember you talking about not wanting to grow your channel too fast about a year ago.
Keep making the same content, don’t change your style just because the channel is growing.
Are there plans to port something? Those videos was pretty relaxing
Always listen to mum! Mums know best.
how do you choose when you will record a video for the channel? I think you are working on the project almost every day, what means a lot of potential content
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