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how do you choose when you will record a video for the channel? I think you are working on the project almost every day, what means a lot of potential content
Are there plans to port something? Those videos was pretty relaxing
Keep making the same content, don’t change your style just because the channel is growing.
Almost at 40k! Do you have any fun videos planned to celebrate? I remember you talking about not wanting to grow your channel too fast about a year ago.
are you going to continue with discord website series? it was so fun to watch
Are we going to see a new game port video again soon?
Just a little aside. Ever since GDPR walls came about, I've been conditioned to reject tracking cookies. So when I see you instead clicking accept in your videos, it throws my head into a spinπŸ˜…
You could just green screen the car. XD
What's your history with car talk videos? Did they start during commutes and were you driving before/during/after recording one?
@Sam Atkins wanna tell us about it during the next office hours? :hyperyakkie: Andreas also talks about the next community showcase video
I ask, because the qoi image format is much easy than png, I think it will be a good video to watch .
just want to say, the fixme videos are super cool!
Andreas, do you ever shuffle the FIXMEs, not like the answer and re-record the intro again? :)
Watching your FIXME videos has been the highlight of my christmas season so far! When do you think we will see a SerenityOS with all Jakt and no C++? Is it going to happen?
Yes, please make "5 minute random code walk-through" videos :^)
It's be very cool to see a FIXME roulette for Ladybird, I loved the videos on isolating and fixing bugs within the CSS engine <3
It could be cool to do a advent of TODO next year! Not that I want it to end now or just be a seasonal thing but it might keep the format fresh :)
nice wallpaper ! i love seeing a new wallpaper in every video πŸ˜€