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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-11-25)
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WHF! YouTube just told me I'm not a subscriber :catdogalert:
May be slightly off topic, but what monitors and resolution do you use for development? 1440p? Do you have only one, if so, why?
Hello Andreas! :) I can see youβ€˜ve been busy working on the browser, but Iβ€˜m still super curious about Jakt. Are you aware of any projects already trying it? (Iβ€˜m aware of the JaktNesMonster work.)
nice wallpaper ! i love seeing a new wallpaper in every video πŸ˜€
having a second monitor is useful directly in development i find as well -- if i'm reading some documentation or specification, i can easily reference it without many alt tabs :^)
WHF! String refactoring video coming soon? I'm stuck with C 'strings', so it's always fun to see other langs implementations
Hey Andreas, considered crossposting your tweets to mastodon? It can be done automatically. Would be nice not having to visit Twitter to see your tweets. :caret:
do you use secondary monitor as assistance while coding, for browser, terminal etc?
WHF! I am unfortunately late.
mscl is a TV show I like (and liked at the time I created the name) and rhd is the initials of my name
allocation can fail? as if! i assure you that has never happened before anywhere on earth
I had blender use the 35 out of the 8GB of ram while editing on my macbook xD
a very zig statement from a zig contributor! i personally haven't encountered running out of disk space... but certainly memory, and i can assure you most applications still dont handle it cleanly :^)
Omg I just learned about Nitter! Thanks Andreas!
Just to clarify, I don't mind Twitter at all, serenityos-social is just so much nicer because so many cool SerenityOS people are in the same space. :caret:
Can you show the layout of nitter on ladybird?
do you think the trend of sites increasing how dependant on JavaScript is a bad one? and also do you think the requirement of logging in to be able to browse sites such as twitter and IG, is a bad one
Hey Andreas. Can you elaborate on the forward headers you include. I am guessing is to speedup compile times, but how does that exactly work, and how can I profit from that on my own projects?
what distro you use?
How do you feel about contributions to Jakt being on a continuous decline for some time already? Personally I wonder if it hinders the adoption into SerenityOS. I am just curious
Serenity requires gcc 12, but I have gcc 11 in GentooπŸ€₯
why all big tech companies started pushing rust recently? And do you think c++ is a bad choice to start a new project?
Hi Andreas! Finally managed to catch the stream. I've nothing to ask, just wanted to say thank you for heaps of amazing content!
That was super useful!! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚
Hi Andreas, I saw your tweet about reducing the include graph for ast.h, would this be something that could be done by jakt’s transpiler?
Do you ever plan to add some sort of package manager for software that doesn't need to be in the monorepo?
what you think of use fixme roulet in team, like once a week everyone get rnd fixme to work, is it bad for productivity?
How did yaks come into the project?
personally, programming with a borrow checker is just... difficult for me to wrap my head around, and additionally, i don't believe it benefits me in the projects i create...i agree with a more memory-safe programming language, but a borrow checker seems like a weird way about it. i certainly might not know enough though, maybe i'm bad at rust still :^)
Is the SerenityOS toolchain based on GCC? What did you tweak/hack?
@electrikmilk Just seems to be a tech expression: β€œYak shaving” (or β€œshaving a yak”) is a term coined by Carlin Vieri, an MIT Ph.D., in the ’90s after watching an episode of β€œThe Ren & Stimpy Show."
and i can't believe i forgot to ask you today andreas... but what are you drinking today... and in which mug!
is there a type of development you'd never want to do? e.g. mobile dev / game dev etc
Now that you talked about forward headers, Iβ€˜d be interested in if Sererenity uses precompiled headers and if you think theyβ€˜d be useful.
in unveil(), what does mode 'b' grant?
The borrow checker is effectively language support for things like unique_ptr that make it easier to read. Like how Kotlin and others with null coalescence replace the use of null checks/optionals. (another message) You can always throw reference counted pointers at the borrow checker if it’s bothering you πŸ˜‰
Wai no u use yak mug?
Time to get a tea advent calendar
Do you think learning programming is more difficult today as tech stacks are getting deeper or back in the day when there were fewer resources to learn from but overall, the tech was more shallow?
why is there a battery icon in your task bar? also is that russian or Ukrainian text you just typed?
You know you want that tea calendar :)
i do believe that explanation of goals/benefits for borrow-checking made sense. now its on me to decide if in my project it is worth the (potentially and likely minute) performance benefit...
Go buy some tippex for that icon :^)
my experienced is that I learn best when I force myself to try solve problems, not just googling for answer, most of people "overgoogle" and that is not good for deeper knowledge
just put electric tape on your monitor
hello from Tunisia
It's funny. Can program an entire OS but can't remove an icon from a taskbar
Thank you for getting me interested in programming again :)
Google tells me you could uninstall (apt-get remove) the entire β€žindicator-powerβ€œ package… xD
At work, we had a new programmer we hired. Their entire coding style was: copy code from StackOverflow, paste it into the application, then call the senior dev (me) for help because it didn't work. No editing, literally all their code was copy/paste. They didn't last long.
Did you see that Daniel included Serenity in his latest blog-post regarding curl? 😁