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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2023-02-17)
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any progress to share on jakt, I saw some nice activity lately
What languages have you looked at?? I'm looking forward to diving into jakt this weekend finally
Hello, do you have tips on working without getting distracted or having no motivation when working on your own projects? Its kinda difficult when there is no one to hold you accountable
You've done 80% of the work on jakt, now only the last 80% remains.
The good thing of being jobn't is that now I can watch Office Hours live πŸ™ƒ
i find it kinda interesting that you call an entire OS with browser a "very specific use case" πŸ˜…
One trick I use to avoid distraction is, I time how long I'm working on each task. It's a small thing but being "on the clock" and wanting the measurement to be accurate helps me.
Hey Andreas, I saw the discussion on changing function to fn, that leading to maybe chaining public to pub; wouldn't it be possible to have both and the user could choose?
So nice when I finished cramming my Datastructures homework to be finished, and I open youtube to a new feature movie length jakt hacking video.
Yeah I used to make estimates too but now I don't bother. πŸ˜…
I'm jobn't on purpose, I'm having a working holiday visa in Japan for a year from june and I saved enough to not have a job. I'll just work on side-projects and open source.
writing a parser is the best way to escape depression
thats co2 poisoning get an exhaust fan lol
Have you considered writing jakt in clion/intellij or are you content with vscode?
i'm curious as to when you would consider importing technologies from other os' for serenity, things like maybe LVM or raidframe, etc. I assume this would be done the same way pledge/unveil was added
get a monitor to check levels i keep an open window when working
I used to think the same about VSCode, but since using it for C++ dev it's become my preferred, although I haven't tried clion yet, only problem is I can't debug Firefox on Windows in VSCode, since the msvc debugger doesn't support child process debugging
Whats the difference between class and struct in jakt, I see them used interchangably in your videos?
class is global right?
Around March 2021, top Task (menu) bar removed from Serenity. I like the current bottom only task bar but what was the original reasoning for the first implementation and what didn't work out?
Hi. What do you think about Rust? Did you give it a try?
I'm not an OS or C++ dev, but I've been dipping in and out of your content for a few years now. Sometimes I put your channel on the TV while I do stretches in the evening.
are you good at juggling?
would you rather program 100 duck-sized jakt applications or program 1 jakt-sized duck application?
What was the hardest (the parts you had to learn) of writing kernel of Serenity?
you mentioned you'd like to make some part "industrial strength" (don't remember the exact wording) this year. did you have a specific area in mind for that?
Yeah I feel you re: the debugging; I was stuck for a good week on a memory allocator bug, because "something" was going wrong, at random places, at random times, and boy did I lack the proper tools..
I noticed you didn't use Ctrl+T in vscode to navigate types, I think you would like it.
Being in something of a walled garden, do you worry that you'll lose sight of what the current state-of-the-art in the industry is?
hey, when will you program SerenityOS using SerenityOS?
do you know about/ have you thought of making a training course/room for jakt? on udemy or Tryhackme etc
Are you planning on taking the PNG decoder you wrote in Jakt and relpacing the existing decoder with it?
How hard would it be to port Wine to Serenity, or is it too tied to X11 to port?
chromium people are vaguely aware of color space work happening in serenity afaik
Great gains over the years. What strength training program you followed and with what level of consistency?
anyone remember beaker browser i just thought of it yesterday but sadly its archived
i feel like "walled garden" really doesn't sound right. sounds like deliberate exclusion and incompatibility…
have you been to Denmark before. I have only been in Sweeden once at Idre FjΓ€ll
why would we not want to support nested enums or nested classes in jakt? we use those a lot in serenity C++ so not supporting them in jakt would make it awkward to interact with the existing libraries
don't get caught smuggling alcohol from denmark to norway
I swear you said something about nested enums in the video yesterday but I forget if it was positive or negative
You mentioned fonts today. I hope Serenity stays with pixel based fonts as true 90s feel and does not adapt cleartype as default πŸ™‚
I love the pixel fonts, they're just a bit impractical for how much work they all
have you tried the Scale2x algorithm on the fonts?
I'd been contemplating this for a while, but what are your thoughts on a Qt-based video player in Lagom? I feel like it might be a bit beyond the scope of the project but I'm curious. main reason for that being more experimentation with performance
yeah, an abstraction would be a really nice alternative for sure
Yeah there are other Userland apps I'd like to be able to dogfood more.