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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2023-03-17)
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WHF, time zone changes let's me catch this live for the first time :^)
Andreas talks about the video recorded the day before about font kerning support
implementing ligatures would be interesting for a video maybe
WHF, I am here for once as well, most likely lurking :^)
What are you looking for in your top right corner, in videos you seem to be trying to find something?
Hi Andreas! I found today you wife's songs on spotify, they are incredible!
I think they are asking why you look up at the ceiling when thinking. I do that too 😁
I just finished the video and it was quite the labyrinth. Would it make sense to use spans in the future whenever you used c style arrays there? with helpers in the struct?
Well, henlo friends! Lil question to you, Andreas: have you ever had issues with using audio interfaces on Linux?
the signature "look to the top right and touch the beard" look
Andreas, you seem to have very different personas on Discord, Twitter and YT. Is this intentional? If so, is that because of different audiences,different forms of communication or different subjects?
Does Ladybird support WebGL at the moment?
how does the ladybird browser handle youtube?
The debug message for calc() failing has more details if you have the CSS debug flags enabled
it works(?) in ladybird by pulling in our software rasterizer in LibGL/LibSoftGPU
You should then make a "Youtube on Ladybird" series just like the Discord series
I've been so distracted working on some improvements to a hex editor called ImHex that I haven't gotten back around to video stuff for Serenity
ImHex is very cool, i dont use it all the time, but when i do im very happy with how it works :^)
how hard would it be to implement screen recording software for serenity OS?
Hello! Just noticed you used some sort of git magic in your last video, like "gs" and "gap". Can you share how did you create git aliases without "git" prefix?
Hi Andreas! What's your favorite userland application? (Ladybird/Browser doesn't count)
is there a common household appliance that describes your affinity for every Userland application? which one is for Shell? HackStudio? are you a large stand mixer for HexEditor?
Looking at the PixelPaint interface makes me happy
What are your thoughts on coding standards like MISRA and AUTOSAR? Did you have to work in a professional environment where these were enforced? Maybe back at Apple?
Andreas, what's your opinion on operating system sound effects? There was a little bit of hype yesterday when I said that I have plansβ„’ for Serenity sfx (and sfx themselves), so what's your take?
Well, you said that you are a fan of PixelPaint
fan pun abandoned :(
detachable subwindows :poggie:
floating windows are so annoying, its easy to mess up
moving sections around definitely would be handy but I've always preferred having my image editor sections docked into the window
How far are we from the first video made entirely in serenity OS? πŸ˜‰ Does Serenity's QEMU port handle running Serenity in Serenity?
We have since switched QEMU to coarse timestamps with no apparent decrease in emulation quality. :^)
However, the boot time after that change was ~40m
MISRA is designed to force you to write code in a specific way that static analyzers from the late 90s will understand. we have better tools now, we should be able to prove safety of more complex code. the style is extremely distasteful, especially when you know modern C++
Do you have specific legacy fonts that you wish would inspire the vector fonts that might be made for Serenity?
i remember how tahoma looked really great on the LCD panel of a very old windows PDA
In fact, I think we are almost ready to make the first part of self-hosting semi-official, considering that I have implemented everything needed to extract the downloaded tarballs. Totally unrelated to that: Any suggestions on getting people to review boring, math-heavy PRs that pretty much just follow a specification/reference implementation? :^) So far I appear to be utterly failing with that.
yeah those Mathew Carter TTF fonts are optimized for small pixel specifically for screens ..
@Andrew Kaster I'd not suggest getting into LZMA decompression live on stream. :thousandyakstare:
I just recently learned how to play FreeCell, I've been playing it a bunch :D
what does "self hosting" mean?
We can keep self-hosting working easily: Just get the poor slow CI to build Serenity inside Serenity. :skeleyak:
we just need to be able to run the Azure DevOps client code on top of LibJS instead of Node :yakbait:
@Andreas Kling What's the plan for tackling drivers? Do you plan to port linux drivers?
maybe some of the longer and more expensive CI steps could be postponed to once a day, some sort of nightly tests
Hi, Andrea. I am an Android Developer and I want to get started in low level programming like Kernel but I am little bit lost as where to start from. I have learned C and C++.
The main problem with nightly tests is that we won't catch breakages before we merge a PR.
Is Jakt still written in Rust? Or is it written in itself now?
Not many PRs have a turnover of less than a day
What do you think of Haiku OS / BeOS programmed in c++
Was there anything you found particularly surprising implementing web specs from scratch, vs working on an already existing implementation? For example, I was surprised by how exact spec step ordering is. Like, you have to get the length in step 3 before checking XYZ in step 4 because it's all observable
What is the state of memory safety in Jakt? Is there a build system built specificaly for Jakt?
Only 32bit Haiku is limited to GCC 2, x86-64 haiku is compiled with much newer GCC and therefore you can use newer C++ feature, and they do in some parts.
I was thinking about building my own Web browsing engine, but I really don't know where should I start.
Is there some more information on the DepricatedString variants somewhere? Like a guide on how to convert them and how to propagate errors?
do you thing that feature freeze during initial jakt development phase, stoped the momentum that it had?
Noticed today that empty elements have the wrong height, so it looks like LibWeb will soon be the second engine to support the CSS lh unit
We don't have a migrations document, we have issues on github
Oh yeah that's typical Rustacean nonsense, and I say that as a Rustacean