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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2023-03-03)
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Introduction and broadcast check
Whenever I install a de or wm on a KISS distro like void or arch I never install a display manager and just launch it with startx lol
i don't know either. today I realized maybe the hippos are lurking, but I've sent them before realizing that
Lol twm is still in the default xinitrc
i ran a console os with custom scripts to run chrome in X, helped alot with productivty
Athena widgets too
You can still boot into serenity without a gui?
Are we going to see a new game port video again soon?
What's the lowest ram usage you've seen serenity run at without a gui and with?
I would love for Tux Racer to be ported if not already ^^
are you going to continue with discord website series? it was so fun to watch
What are the biggest issues with the Serenity kernel in your opinion?
Trying out Tux Racer, showing terminal settings and the system with vector fonts
ah yeah that's because we don't properly scroll the chat element to the bottom
whats the state of the ide? hackstudio?
so text editor now has collapsible code blocks, but hack studio doesnt? that seems like a missed opportunity
I just submitted a PR that adds more code folding! And discovered that it's a bit broken in HackStudio for reasons I can't figure out.
Vim mode?
Curious. Does Serenity already have its own database engine?
Pregnant Pomegranate sounds like an Ubuntu LTS release codename lol
A bit sad seeing Andreas using non native fonts in SerenityOS but still happy to see better system support for other font sizes because the default font is to small to read for me (getting old) :^)
I will talk with canonical @Oscar.
Global vim mode hell yea c:
Provide Vector Font Editor in SerenityOS(with an UI as easy & fun as Font Editor) and the vector fonts will come... ;-)
Some simple svg to font converter might do the trick?
Would you hire a professional font designer?
Making a bad UI sounds like the perfect way to bait someone into replacing it with a better one!
Would you yakbait a Matthew Carter into making a typeface for serenity?
hi Andreas, now that you have been working full time on serenity for a while, did your stance on the project change? like do you still like working on it as much as when it was more of a pet project?
does/will Serenity OS support ttf/otf fonts from off the shelf downloaded fonts. then people can use ttfcorefonts (tahoma, verdana, etc)
I tried font forge to make a font to use for a smart watch theme. It was easier to make each letter and manually resize them for every point size (let's see if it posts now lol)
no CSUB either i think
In April: "The system has stabilized to such a degree that it's time to take inspiration from more modern sources pulls up Windows 8 clone"
depends on the font i think; there's a bunch of approaches
but COLRv1 is the future πŸ˜›
Can Serenity do ALT+Keypad key codes?
the picker should have a kaomoji pane too πŸ˜€
combining charmap and emoji picker makes a lot of sense, not sure why noone else seems to do it…
I would like to see virtual keyboards... we already have the keymaps...
what linux distro you use
speaking of yaks, I feel like yaks have largely supplanted buggie in Serenity
the windows emoji picker allows you to paste cool symbols and kaomoji, not just emojis
Is there a good way to prevent these GUI inconsistencies (which plague many operating systems like Windows)?
What's your favorite HTML element
Ubuntu MATE right?
Has anyone yet to try porting over the Serenity UI toolkit to other platforms?
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