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What's the lowest ram usage you've seen serenity run at without a gui and with?
hi:hand-pink-waving:, how many rams running SerenityOS need? and minimum cpu, i cant run that, my computer stop working and i shoud restart it.:face-purple-crying:
I'm for longer thinking about building a bluetooth stack, last time I looked unfortunately USB doesn't looked ready to do it, do you know the current state of USB?
Do you think there will ever be any hardware accelerated graphics in Serenity? I would guess the answer would be a "Not anytime soon"
In order to fill the gaps with drivers in the future, would you ever port drivers from FreeBSD ? Haiku does this for wireless and wired chipsets.
After the Aarch64 port is more complete, will it be much easier to port to new platforms, e.g. risc-v?
Also the NetBSD rump kernel is a good way to avoid writing drivers.