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SerenityOS Office Hours with Guest: Andrew Kaster
43 questions
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how has the weather been at yours?
What "general-purpose" CMake feature would you want, that would be most beneficial to SerenityOS?
Would you consider building your own build system for serenity ? With our turtles all the way down :))
will jakt get a stable ABI? how will you be able to link against SerenityOS libraries?
Nice t-shirt! SerenityOS in space wen?
:thonk: Get a blog post about our cmake setup onto Hacker News, and wait for people to fix it!
why not move from a mono repo for libraries to a git submodule opt in style? In the libraries folder you would have a file that does add_subdirectory for each library. you could toggle what you need
What are some cool things you would like to see ported to Serenity?
what would be the first yakstep to take in order to get a 64bit ue?
Why are we shipping our own CMake build now? Is it, as usual, Linux distros being slow with new versions?
Yeah, my changes from March were picked up. There was one bug that got fixed by now I think
Beyond the build system, which part of the system do you know best (and least)?
What part of the system would you like to know less well, and why is it cmake?
Andrew, what other OSS projects do you work on? (upstreaming Serenity stuff doesn't count)
6 months later, half of the LibSDL commits are Serenity related. :^)
Andrew, with the recent uptick in Serenity content creators, have you considered creating content beyond blog posts?
It's definitely fun seeing SerenityOS on the German Wikipedia "List of UNIX-like operating systems" :caret:
Will Andrew Kelley be making a surprise appearance on this AK+AK stream?
Yes, please make "5 minute random code walk-through" videos :^)
Watching your FIXME videos has been the highlight of my christmas season so far! When do you think we will see a SerenityOS with all Jakt and no C++? Is it going to happen?
"In this stream, we peer-pressure Andrew into doing things"
YouTube Shorts code tour!
uh, the haxxoring videos were fun!
what is your opinion about the upcoming filesystem table isolation for jails? what do you think about the proposed design? do you have other design in mind?
After the Aarch64 port is more complete, will it be much easier to port to new platforms, e.g. risc-v?
With all the talk of a new String class, I've often seen FlyString pop up in videos... what's a FlyString? ✈
Isn't there a risk to overstretch yourself with Jakt and Serenity and Ladybird?
Looks like there are 125 TODO_AARCH64s so 2.6% of all fixme+todos
Andreas, how do you view your role as a leader for the Serenity project? Has your view changed over time? Have you ever been afraid that the community is going to want to go in a different direction?
In order to fill the gaps with drivers in the future, would you ever port drivers from FreeBSD ? Haiku does this for wireless and wired chipsets.
You already did cut the IRC app. I assume you made that.
So what you are saying is that it's time for a plan ;)
In relation to cutting things, what part of the Serenity (and related) system is the most dear to your heart? and how difficult would it be to cut?
did chatgpt question already got answered?
What's your thoughts on ChatGPT? Do you think it will ever break into the system programming space?
Base/res/fortunes.json is a nice dumping ground for jokes and memes, please don't axe it :catdogalert:
Is that a challenge AK? Do you want a new application every week?
Any cool ideas for Ladybird devtools that you haven't seen implemented in other browsers? (same q to Linus!)
@JoesphGeorgeBlaise You didn't ask me, but I've thought of adding some kind of tree visualisation for all the loaded CSS.
What would be your thoughts on using LibWeb for things like PDF rendering? Could be worth it for consistency across the system.
What would you say are important areas to improve on if you would want to see mass adoption of Serenity?
does Serenity have AML parser?
Andreas, do you ever shuffle the FIXMEs, not like the answer and re-record the intro again? :)