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ah yeah that's because we don't properly scroll the chat element to the bottom
are you going to continue with discord website series? it was so fun to watch
What would be your thoughts on using LibWeb for things like PDF rendering? Could be worth it for consistency across the system.
@JoesphGeorgeBlaise You didn't ask me, but I've thought of adding some kind of tree visualisation for all the loaded CSS.
Any cool ideas for Ladybird devtools that you haven't seen implemented in other browsers? (same q to Linus!)
It's be very cool to see a FIXME roulette for Ladybird, I loved the videos on isolating and fixing bugs within the CSS engine <3
IPC is confusing, but WebContent is especially maze-like
don't get too comfortable with the BrowsingContext name people, those are about to become Navigables!
I was trying to route some things through the browser landscape for WebDriver and totally lost sight on what goes where and who talks to whom.
Could you give an overview of the whole Browser/PageHost/PageView/WebContent environment. I am very yakfused about this!
Can you show the layout of nitter on ladybird?