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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-12-09)
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working on the santa body shape
Hey Andreas, I noticed you got diffed your staged changes while writing a commit message the other day. You should try [commit] verbose = true in your .gitconfig :)
I was hoping you got the teas lol
Advent of Code with Jakt!
glad to see that tea advent getting you in the spirit :^)
do you have split tab tab in serenity terminal?
I was thinking of making a clang plugin that would let you submit new attributes at compile time but it seems impossible/hard. Would Jakt accept/have any use for such a change?
Hey Andreas hope you are fine.. could you give advice for someone who is getting into cython without much knowledge of C. although i do want to improve my c also.
Hello there! Random question, but since you work/record a lot in English, I'm curious what language you dream in.
Can you tell in general how you divide your time between jakt, serenity development and improvement?
i might have missed it in the first minute or two with talking about the advent calendar, but what are we drinking today :^)
Hello Andreas! Would love to hear more about your new String class. I think you said there is no null terminator β€” how do you pass the string to a C function that expects a C string?
i remember seeing "permanently_screwed_by_eval" in the serenity codebase. can you explain it?
Twinings sponsorship wen?
It could be cool to do a advent of TODO next year! Not that I want it to end now or just be a seasonal thing but it might keep the format fresh :)
have you tried the new CLion UI yet (https://blog.jetbrains.com/clion/2022...)
Hello! Was off filling my SerenityOSβ„’ YakOverflowβ„’ mug with tea
hello mr kling! looking very festive!
Hi Andreas, do you feel monetization of open source projects in general and SerenityOS specifically is something positive or negative? I'm a bit split myself on the issue :^)
How could you tease us this hard (on Twitter)? :caret::catdog::yakstare:
How many lock levels do you think we will need for proper (and default) lock ranking in the Kernel? Right now there's about 7, but will it be ~12 or >20 or >50? What do you think?
I'm thinking more of trademark rights, consulting services, pro versions, bundled services, etc. Crowdfunding feels a bit like a different thing. πŸ™‚
Do you have the wallpaper uploaded anywhere?
Could you give an overview of the whole Browser/PageHost/PageView/WebContent environment. I am very yakfused about this!
Netflix is making a movie :p
Hello Andreas, it's been a while since I interacted here. Do you have any visibility on how Jakt is doing outside the Serenity ecosystem? Also, the fixme roulettes are awesome
do you plan to create app installers wizards like in Windows?
Hi Andreas, fiirst time tuning in live, currently going through a breakup and my final year of uni but your videos are a good way to keep myself sane so thank you for everything you do
Firefox extension tip of the day: "behind the overlay" removes any annoying overlay with the press of a button.
A while ago you wanted to do multi-line editing with vim. Ctrl-v does column select, you can then push Shift-I or Shift-a
I was trying to route some things through the browser landscape for WebDriver and totally lost sight on what goes where and who talks to whom.
don't get too comfortable with the BrowsingContext name people, those are about to become Navigables!
IPC is confusing, but WebContent is especially maze-like
Which Linux distro are you using? And is Serenity a Linux based OS?
Hello ^__^
Noooo, I don't want it to be more maze-like. 😭
Hi @Andreas Kling ! I've seen you've published some opinions on Rust recently on twitter. Have you been using it?
Merry Christmas!
It's be very cool to see a FIXME roulette for Ladybird, I loved the videos on isolating and fixing bugs within the CSS engine <3
Happy friday! Did you receive your tea calendar?
are there any plans to run jakt as an scripting language? would be cool for prototyping GUIs
I also have a tea calendar!:poggie:
what is jakt
Hi Adreas, I'm currently studying OS dev and OS internals. Any advice for rookies who wish to follow your footsteps by creating their own OS? Any important topics one should focus on?
i tried building SerenityOS in School the other day but i needed to install and build every dependency because the vm was blocked on the network and i ended up just building dependencies.
Also the NetBSD rump kernel is a good way to avoid writing drivers.
next guest office hours wen?
I prefer to start with the hardware itself.:yakstare:
πŸ€” 8 am on Friday is pretty early
Are there any architectural decisions in Serenity that you would do different today?