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Throughout your career, what do you think about the relationship between good hackers and their smartness? (which is measured by IQ etc, in this context)
You've said that companies ignore the GPL, and take that code without giving back. What sorts of people have you seen do that? Devs? Managers? C-suite? Did the lawyers know about it? Also: What kind of code do you think it makes most sense to GPL, and what substantial amount do you think it makes the least sense to GPL? :^)
Hi Adreas, I'm currently studying OS dev and OS internals. Any advice for rookies who wish to follow your footsteps by creating their own OS? Any important topics one should focus on?
I'm thinking more of trademark rights, consulting services, pro versions, bundled services, etc. Crowdfunding feels a bit like a different thing. 🙂
Hi Andreas, do you feel monetization of open source projects in general and SerenityOS specifically is something positive or negative? I'm a bit split myself on the issue :^)
is there a type of development you'd never want to do? e.g. mobile dev / game dev etc