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hi Andreas, now that you have been working full time on serenity for a while, did your stance on the project change? like do you still like working on it as much as when it was more of a pet project?
I know the feeling, driving to random places with my partner and just talking about random things.
Have you ever worked at a startup?
What's your history with car talk videos? Did they start during commutes and were you driving before/during/after recording one?
do you deal with impostor syndrome? if so, how? it has been a while since I worked on Jakt and I'm tripping on what used to be trivial for me
In relation to cutting things, what part of the Serenity (and related) system is the most dear to your heart? and how difficult would it be to cut?
Andreas, how do you view your role as a leader for the Serenity project? Has your view changed over time? Have you ever been afraid that the community is going to want to go in a different direction?
Isn't there a risk to overstretch yourself with Jakt and Serenity and Ladybird?
Andrew, with the recent uptick in Serenity content creators, have you considered creating content beyond blog posts?
Andrew, what other OSS projects do you work on? (upstreaming Serenity stuff doesn't count)
Beyond the build system, which part of the system do you know best (and least)?
Can you tell in general how you divide your time between jakt, serenity development and improvement?
Hello there! Random question, but since you work/record a lot in English, I'm curious what language you dream in.
is there a type of development you'd never want to do? e.g. mobile dev / game dev etc