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hi Andreas, now that you have been working full time on serenity for a while, did your stance on the project change? like do you still like working on it as much as when it was more of a pet project?
Would you yakbait a Matthew Carter into making a typeface for serenity?
Making a bad UI sounds like the perfect way to bait someone into replacing it with a better one!
Would you hire a professional font designer?
Provide Vector Font Editor in SerenityOS(with an UI as easy & fun as Font Editor) and the vector fonts will come... ;-)
I just submitted a PR that adds more code folding! And discovered that it's a bit broken in HackStudio for reasons I can't figure out.
I just contributed to the repo for the first time! Are there any extensions you use for CLion that you find very helpful?
regarding that PR: I understood what was asked. it was to use a IntrusiveList but I don't know how to use it. I'm gonna ask for help in the discord :^)
got a review on my PR suggesting something but I don't know how to do what was suggested. what should I do?
Is that a challenge AK? Do you want a new application every week?
Looks like there are 125 TODO_AARCH64s so 2.6% of all fixme+todos
why not move from a mono repo for libraries to a git submodule opt in style? In the libraries folder you would have a file that does add_subdirectory for each library. you could toggle what you need
Hi Andreas, do you feel monetization of open source projects in general and SerenityOS specifically is something positive or negative? I'm a bit split myself on the issue :^)
Hey Andreas, I noticed you got diffed your staged changes while writing a commit message the other day. You should try [commit] verbose = true in your .gitconfig :)
what you think of use fixme roulet in team, like once a week everyone get rnd fixme to work, is it bad for productivity?
How do you feel about contributions to Jakt being on a continuous decline for some time already? Personally I wonder if it hinders the adoption into SerenityOS. I am just curious