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the windows emoji picker allows you to paste cool symbols and kaomoji, not just emojis
combining charmap and emoji picker makes a lot of sense, not sure why noone else seems to do it…
the picker should have a kaomoji pane too πŸ˜€
but COLRv1 is the future πŸ˜›
depends on the font i think; there's a bunch of approaches
no CSUB either i think
I tried font forge to make a font to use for a smart watch theme. It was easier to make each letter and manually resize them for every point size (let's see if it posts now lol)
does/will Serenity OS support ttf/otf fonts from off the shelf downloaded fonts. then people can use ttfcorefonts (tahoma, verdana, etc)
Would you yakbait a Matthew Carter into making a typeface for serenity?
Would you hire a professional font designer?
Some simple svg to font converter might do the trick?
Provide Vector Font Editor in SerenityOS(with an UI as easy & fun as Font Editor) and the vector fonts will come... ;-)
A bit sad seeing Andreas using non native fonts in SerenityOS but still happy to see better system support for other font sizes because the default font is to small to read for me (getting old) :^)
Trying out Tux Racer, showing terminal settings and the system with vector fonts