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Has anyone yet to try porting over the Serenity UI toolkit to other platforms?
Is there a good way to prevent these GUI inconsistencies (which plague many operating systems like Windows)?
the windows emoji picker allows you to paste cool symbols and kaomoji, not just emojis
I would like to see virtual keyboards... we already have the keymaps...
combining charmap and emoji picker makes a lot of sense, not sure why noone else seems to do it…
the picker should have a kaomoji pane too πŸ˜€
Making a bad UI sounds like the perfect way to bait someone into replacing it with a better one!
so text editor now has collapsible code blocks, but hack studio doesnt? that seems like a missed opportunity
Trying out Tux Racer, showing terminal settings and the system with vector fonts
You can still boot into serenity without a gui?
From an aesthetic viewpoint, do you feel like Serenity should have some of the more "modern" UI effects? Like animations, transparency, wobbly windows :)
do you plan to create app installers wizards like in Windows?
do you have split tab tab in serenity terminal?