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Can Serenity do ALT+Keypad key codes?
Global vim mode hell yea c:
Curious. Does Serenity already have its own database engine?
Vim mode?
I just submitted a PR that adds more code folding! And discovered that it's a bit broken in HackStudio for reasons I can't figure out.
so text editor now has collapsible code blocks, but hack studio doesnt? that seems like a missed opportunity
whats the state of the ide? hackstudio?
What would be your thoughts on using LibWeb for things like PDF rendering? Could be worth it for consistency across the system.
You already did cut the IRC app. I assume you made that.
what would be the first yakstep to take in order to get a 64bit ue?
will jakt get a stable ABI? how will you be able to link against SerenityOS libraries?
do you have split tab tab in serenity terminal?
in unveil(), what does mode 'b' grant?