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will jakt support things like unsafe *a = 9 or cpp "*b += 9;" in order to avoid creating more indentation for 1 statement?
hi, I'm late but have one question, how far is jakt developed to start working on actual compilation, not transpiling to c++?
but having some read_packed_struct with language support would be nice
Are there any features in other languages that you would like to implement in Jakt?
since match works on bool expressions, have you thought of maybe removing if entirely? and then an explicit pass/continue if don't need an else to help identify logic bugs?
manually pulling out bytes (with helpers) seems nicer than casting memory and then swapping endianness in place even in C imho
the trade off between functionality and simplicity is a big part. having things be too simple you can lose the ability to customise and expand.
it looks like Jakt solves and actual problem :)
i really like that jakt looks very free (in the sense that you can probably hack together a program in jakt easily without hassle) while being low level and having really nice features (eg safety)
How does TypeId/ModuleId/etc work in Jakt?
Better than verbose expressive keywords is: very few keywords
not sure how you can split Scope to multiple classes, a scope is a scope 🤔
Thank you for all the excellent videos! I'm also learning about writing languages. How do you resolve identifiers in nested scopes in Jakt?
I noticed in your last Jakt video that you use "fn" but I remember early on you were using "function" and really wanted expressive keywords to be used, did something change your opinion?
in jakt, does unsafe have a practical purpose, in terms of code-gen (now, or in the future?), or is it just like a mark of "here be dragons", a signpost for debugging?
how about implement qoi image format in Jakt?
Watching your FIXME videos has been the highlight of my christmas season so far! When do you think we will see a SerenityOS with all Jakt and no C++? Is it going to happen?
will jakt get a stable ABI? how will you be able to link against SerenityOS libraries?
what is jakt
are there any plans to run jakt as an scripting language? would be cool for prototyping GUIs
Hello Andreas, it's been a while since I interacted here. Do you have any visibility on how Jakt is doing outside the Serenity ecosystem? Also, the fixme roulettes are awesome
I was thinking of making a clang plugin that would let you submit new attributes at compile time but it seems impossible/hard. Would Jakt accept/have any use for such a change?
Advent of Code with Jakt!
Hi Andreas, I saw your tweet about reducing the include graph for ast.h, would this be something that could be done by jakt’s transpiler?
How do you feel about contributions to Jakt being on a continuous decline for some time already? Personally I wonder if it hinders the adoption into SerenityOS. I am just curious
Hello Andreas! :) I can see you‘ve been busy working on the browser, but I‘m still super curious about Jakt. Are you aware of any projects already trying it? (I‘m aware of the JaktNesMonster work.)