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The issue of first having to build native tools you just described is a common one, and meson just handles it naturally.
Hi! Was there ever any intention or effort to support (even in addition to CMake) any other build system? Of course, meson comes to mind.
I’ve found that CMake with OS development is funky because I need to add a custom linker and bootstrapped assembly
what feature is missing from our test infrastructure inside or outside the system (e.g. in the CI ymls) that would help make the system more stable?
could you put icecream into the cloud if you had copious amounts of money to spare or would the network delay negate all benefits?
Does it hook into cmake?
So its like a 'compilerfarm' ?
What is ice mon?
ill wait for a video to marvel at the speed then
how long for a full rebuild, can you demonstrate?
Why are we shipping our own CMake build now? Is it, as usual, Linux distros being slow with new versions?
:thonk: Get a blog post about our cmake setup onto Hacker News, and wait for people to fix it!
Would you consider building your own build system for serenity ? With our turtles all the way down :))
What "general-purpose" CMake feature would you want, that would be most beneficial to SerenityOS?
i tried building SerenityOS in School the other day but i needed to install and build every dependency because the vm was blocked on the network and i ended up just building dependencies.
I was thinking of making a clang plugin that would let you submit new attributes at compile time but it seems impossible/hard. Would Jakt accept/have any use for such a change?
Now that you talked about forward headers, Iβ€˜d be interested in if Sererenity uses precompiled headers and if you think theyβ€˜d be useful.
Is the SerenityOS toolchain based on GCC? What did you tweak/hack?