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Ubuntu MATE right?
what linux distro you use
I just contributed to the repo for the first time! Are there any extensions you use for CLion that you find very helpful?
So its like a 'compilerfarm' ?
What is ice mon?
ill wait for a video to marvel at the speed then
how long for a full rebuild, can you demonstrate?
Did you create a separate partition for your /home folder?
Which Linux distro are you using? And is Serenity a Linux based OS?
A while ago you wanted to do multi-line editing with vim. Ctrl-v does column select, you can then push Shift-I or Shift-a
Firefox extension tip of the day: "behind the overlay" removes any annoying overlay with the press of a button.
Do you have the wallpaper uploaded anywhere?
have you tried the new CLion UI yet (https://blog.jetbrains.com/clion/2022...)
Hey Andreas, I noticed you got diffed your staged changes while writing a commit message the other day. You should try [commit] verbose = true in your .gitconfig :)
Google tells me you could uninstall (apt-get remove) the entire β€žindicator-powerβ€œ package… xD
why is there a battery icon in your task bar? also is that russian or Ukrainian text you just typed?
what distro you use?
I had blender use the 35 out of the 8GB of ram while editing on my macbook xD
allocation can fail? as if! i assure you that has never happened before anywhere on earth
do you use secondary monitor as assistance while coding, for browser, terminal etc?
having a second monitor is useful directly in development i find as well -- if i'm reading some documentation or specification, i can easily reference it without many alt tabs :^)
nice wallpaper ! i love seeing a new wallpaper in every video πŸ˜€
May be slightly off topic, but what monitors and resolution do you use for development? 1440p? Do you have only one, if so, why?