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What are the biggest issues with the Serenity kernel in your opinion?
How does the SerenityOS kernel do graphics? Does it draw to a frame buffer?
what differs from ext2 and other filesystems like ext3 and what windows uses
Thanks for the answer! I find filesystem implementations really interesting (especially on bare metal :P), it's something I've been meaning to mess around with in Serenity.
the system doesn't have an OOM killer right? (couldn't find anything suggesting it had one)
Hey Andreas, do you find file system development interesting in Serenity? Are there any file system features in Serenity that you have really enjoyed working on?
does Serenity have AML parser?
what is your opinion about the upcoming filesystem table isolation for jails? what do you think about the proposed design? do you have other design in mind?
Also the NetBSD rump kernel is a good way to avoid writing drivers.
How many lock levels do you think we will need for proper (and default) lock ranking in the Kernel? Right now there's about 7, but will it be ~12 or >20 or >50? What do you think?
allocation can fail? as if! i assure you that has never happened before anywhere on earth