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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2023-03-24)
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Introduction, Andreas shows GitHub project board for Ladybird
yo yo yo, why does the parser code doesnt have spaces and tabs?
Getting used to the office life, luckily my colleague Junil doesn't mind me streaming office hours while we work :yakkiss:
the rekt language code, mb. Jakt, SORRY AGAIN
what is your opinion about chat gpt??
Do you feel like there's anything missing from Jakt that would dramatically improve and usability of the language inside of the OS?
ChatGPT really helps when learning a new programming language. This week at work I needed to write some XSLT, not everything it said was correct, but it was still really helpful.
Hey Andreas, hope you had a good week! I was curious if there is any meaningful speed-up for browsers when utilizing hardware accelerated graphics for things other than webgl?
Wait, I'm online in time for this to be live?
Continuing the topic of hardware accelerated graphics
scene 👏 graph 👏
Any plans for making Jakt a scripting language(just like bash)?
hi Andreas! maybe you have any vision on how LibWeb process architectire might evolve? if so maybe there is something you would do in a different way than other engines?
The answer probably lies in the repo already and I know there is probably no real roadmap but, how important is the aarch64/arm support for SerenityOS?
dumb question time, what was the motivation behind creating jakt? ("because it would be fun" is a totally valid answer)
Hi all :) I'd like to port a small app to Serenity which needs a window with frame buffer and basic keyboard/mouse input. Would the Doom port be a good starting point to look at?
Rust also memory safety language. Why not rust?
thank you! i've been out of the loop on SOS for a while and missed a bunch of recent developments, including jakt
Does serenity use separate tool chain for building kernel and userland? Does it have port of gcc or clang? To Port a compiler across OS while using x86, does SerenityOS need any thing other than LibC?
since Jakt use ARC as it's method of memory management, I wonder how will it handle retain cycles to prevent memory leaks from occurring? 🤔
I wouldn't say it's disdain, they just made different choices. When designing a programming language, when you make a decision for one thing, you close the door on others
Would you consider shifting away from object-orientation in specific performance hotspots, or would that be drifting away from the core mission?
@Hanny Patel check in the Ports folder of the fs tree on repo - originally it did used to self compile, ithat is currently being looked at again (based on March update)
I prefer highly efficient, high quality code, that's also very expressive, & requires fewer lines of code all at once.
The llvm port contains clang
It's the Judean People's Front vs. the People's Front of Judea.
welcome to the human society! its really sad person treating their jobs as a ideology.
USB yet?
Have you tried JT's nushell? If so, what are your thoughts on some of the pros they do, and would any parts of it be considered for serenity's shell? It feels like a real step up from bash.
Kinda feels like high school again. People of group A can't hang out with people of group B by no other measure than them belonging to different groups
I will be honest, I was sort of dragged into the tribalism - this channel pulled me out :)
I'm learning C atm, currently struggling to find good resources on how to handle strings. I know you've gone through a few string iterations, any advice for the kinds of tradeoffs to investigate?
on the topic of people forming groups around hating ideas: given serenity code is quite object-oriented, have you found the criticism from the "never-oop" crowd to hold up in your case?
What would a gui terminal look like in your eyes?
Have you ever considered porting raylib to serenity?
Hot data structures in your area
Seeing how everything is getting AI integration. Could you see Serenity Assistant, getting its own AI model trained on the Serenity source code and documentation?
What is your opinion about doing vacation? does it make sense to you as a concept to re-gain creativity, productivity, personal wellbeing, ...?
I saw a program recently claim that they layout their data in such a way that implicit SIMD can optimize common operations and that they don't use explicit SIMD for portability. how does that make it more portable if SIMD is already platform specific so you would have to recompile it anyway
Did you try copilot or copilot-x during your coding sessions? What do you think of AI in programming as assistant? :)
🙂 catdog is definitely the the SerenityOS "animal of choice", along with a LadyBug ?
would it not be useful for boilerplate?