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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-12-23)
41 questions
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Did you create a separate partition for your /home folder?
merry christmas!
how long for a full rebuild, can you demonstrate?
ill wait for a video to marvel at the speed then
What is ice mon?
So its like a 'compilerfarm' ?
Does it hook into cmake?
could you put icecream into the cloud if you had copious amounts of money to spare or would the network delay negate all benefits?
Talking about compilers, are there any goals of including a compiler in the base system?
i'm curious how much c++ modules would help with this
while learning programming, was there any part you struggled to wrap your head around?
just want to say, the fixme videos are super cool!
Hello the best christmas since 1999 🎄🎄🎄🎄
why can't the compiler fit the padding automatically? i remember in one of your recent videos, you had to manually rearrange the struct members
got a review on my PR suggesting something but I don't know how to do what was suggested. what should I do?
I started programming with Java :D
"so far ahead" says the person writing sophisticated programs at 9 years old. I didn't even start writing programs proper till I was 15
what are your current corners of the project you are interested in to work on?
You've said that companies ignore the GPL, and take that code without giving back. What sorts of people have you seen do that? Devs? Managers? C-suite? Did the lawyers know about it? Also: What kind of code do you think it makes most sense to GPL, and what substantial amount do you think it makes the least sense to GPL? :^)
There any desire to add more networking capabilities? I’ve been slowly adding routing protocols to a forked repo and testing it out with multiple versions of SerenityOS
regarding that PR: I understood what was asked. it was to use a IntrusiveList but I don't know how to use it. I'm gonna ask for help in the discord :^)
when was the last time you tried bare metal Serenity? what would need to happen for you to try again?
Do you have a favorite technical book / textbook?
Hey Andreas, do you find file system development interesting in Serenity? Are there any file system features in Serenity that you have really enjoyed working on?
Do you think there will ever be any hardware accelerated graphics in Serenity? I would guess the answer would be a "Not anytime soon"
what feature is missing from our test infrastructure inside or outside the system (e.g. in the CI ymls) that would help make the system more stable?
I’ve found that CMake with OS development is funky because I need to add a custom linker and bootstrapped assembly
the system doesn't have an OOM killer right? (couldn't find anything suggesting it had one)
I'm for longer thinking about building a bluetooth stack, last time I looked unfortunately USB doesn't looked ready to do it, do you know the current state of USB?
Thanks for the answer! I find filesystem implementations really interesting (especially on bare metal :P), it's something I've been meaning to mess around with in Serenity.
Happy Holidays Andreas and the rest of the community 🎄
From an aesthetic viewpoint, do you feel like Serenity should have some of the more "modern" UI effects? Like animations, transparency, wobbly windows :)
Hi! Was there ever any intention or effort to support (even in addition to CMake) any other build system? Of course, meson comes to mind.
When the language server asks the compiler where a definition of a type. Do you traverse the typed AST or do you save all the types somewhere.
The issue of first having to build native tools you just described is a common one, and meson just handles it naturally.
what differs from ext2 and other filesystems like ext3 and what windows uses
Hello, a fellow north dweller here. Would you accept a Christmas gift? I build open source network routers and would love to send you one with a Serenity logo engraved into the enclosure 🙂
Hey Andreas, how's the weather like down there?
Throughout your career, what do you think about the relationship between good hackers and their smartness? (which is measured by IQ etc, in this context)
Hi Andreas, are you taking a xmas break?
check the time. Thanks and happy days.