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What is your opinion on AI generating code? Something like training one with all open source code and then asking for new programs.
What do you recommend to study for developing a programming language to beginners?
Do you have a favorite technical book / textbook?
"so far ahead" says the person writing sophisticated programs at 9 years old. I didn't even start writing programs proper till I was 15
why can't the compiler fit the padding automatically? i remember in one of your recent videos, you had to manually rearrange the struct members
while learning programming, was there any part you struggled to wrap your head around?
What's your thoughts on ChatGPT? Do you think it will ever break into the system programming space?
Hey Andreas hope you are fine.. could you give advice for someone who is getting into cython without much knowledge of C. although i do want to improve my c also.
Advent of Code with Jakt!
my experienced is that I learn best when I force myself to try solve problems, not just googling for answer, most of people "overgoogle" and that is not good for deeper knowledge
Do you think learning programming is more difficult today as tech stacks are getting deeper or back in the day when there were fewer resources to learn from but overall, the tech was more shallow?
personally, programming with a borrow checker is just... difficult for me to wrap my head around, and additionally, i don't believe it benefits me in the projects i create...i agree with a more memory-safe programming language, but a borrow checker seems like a weird way about it. i certainly might not know enough though, maybe i'm bad at rust still :^)