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Always listen to mum! Mums know best.
In April: "The system has stabilized to such a degree that it's time to take inspiration from more modern sources pulls up Windows 8 clone"
I will talk with canonical @Oscar.
Pregnant Pomegranate sounds like an Ubuntu LTS release codename lol
Athena widgets too
i ran a console os with custom scripts to run chrome in X, helped alot with productivty
Lol twm is still in the default xinitrc
i don't know either. today I realized maybe the hippos are lurking, but I've sent them before realizing that
Whenever I install a de or wm on a KISS distro like void or arch I never install a display manager and just launch it with startx lol
WHF! Listening while working on something that I won't describe because I might give up on it. πŸ˜…
my favorite stores as a kid were office supply stores and stationary stores, i loved all the stamps and "business" carbon forms and stuff
whk! so... which mug is up at bat today?
Andreas should move to India so his office hours would be when I'm home πŸ˜†
Now when working in an office and having office hours the name of the stream is very suitable but can't really join as often because being in the office working... 😭
hey there, chilling while writing a renderer for my psx emulator !!
check the time. Thanks and happy days.
Hi Andreas, are you taking a xmas break?
Hey Andreas, how's the weather like down there?
Hello, a fellow north dweller here. Would you accept a Christmas gift? I build open source network routers and would love to send you one with a Serenity logo engraved into the enclosure πŸ™‚
Happy Holidays Andreas and the rest of the community πŸŽ„
I started programming with Java :D
Hello the best christmas since 1999 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
merry christmas!
Base/res/fortunes.json is a nice dumping ground for jokes and memes, please don't axe it :catdogalert:
did chatgpt question already got answered?
So what you are saying is that it's time for a plan ;)
uh, the haxxoring videos were fun!
YouTube Shorts code tour!
"In this stream, we peer-pressure Andrew into doing things"
Will Andrew Kelley be making a surprise appearance on this AK+AK stream?
It's definitely fun seeing SerenityOS on the German Wikipedia "List of UNIX-like operating systems" :caret:
6 months later, half of the LibSDL commits are Serenity related. :^)
What part of the system would you like to know less well, and why is it cmake?
Yeah, my changes from March were picked up. There was one bug that got fixed by now I think
Nice t-shirt! SerenityOS in space wen?
how has the weather been at yours?
πŸ€” 8 am on Friday is pretty early
I prefer to start with the hardware itself.:yakstare:
next guest office hours wen?
I also have a tea calendar!:poggie:
Happy friday! Did you receive your tea calendar?
Merry Christmas!
Noooo, I don't want it to be more maze-like. 😭
Hello ^__^
Hi Andreas, fiirst time tuning in live, currently going through a breakup and my final year of uni but your videos are a good way to keep myself sane so thank you for everything you do
Netflix is making a movie :p
How could you tease us this hard (on Twitter)? :caret::catdog::yakstare:
hello mr kling! looking very festive!
Hello! Was off filling my SerenityOSβ„’ YakOverflowβ„’ mug with tea
Twinings sponsorship wen?
i might have missed it in the first minute or two with talking about the advent calendar, but what are we drinking today :^)
glad to see that tea advent getting you in the spirit :^)
I was hoping you got the teas lol
working on the santa body shape
Thank you for getting me interested in programming again :)
It's funny. Can program an entire OS but can't remove an icon from a taskbar
hello from Tunisia
just put electric tape on your monitor
Go buy some tippex for that icon :^)
You know you want that tea calendar :)
Time to get a tea advent calendar
Wai no u use yak mug?
and i can't believe i forgot to ask you today andreas... but what are you drinking today... and in which mug!
That was super useful!! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚
Hi Andreas! Finally managed to catch the stream. I've nothing to ask, just wanted to say thank you for heaps of amazing content!
Serenity requires gcc 12, but I have gcc 11 in GentooπŸ€₯
Omg I just learned about Nitter! Thanks Andreas!
a very zig statement from a zig contributor! i personally haven't encountered running out of disk space... but certainly memory, and i can assure you most applications still dont handle it cleanly :^)
mscl is a TV show I like (and liked at the time I created the name) and rhd is the initials of my name
WHF! I am unfortunately late.
WHF! YouTube just told me I'm not a subscriber :catdogalert: