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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-09-16)
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Introduction, mic check
Good afternoon Andreas, thoroughly enjoyed your Reddit CSS video the other day :)
Does Serenity already have a bootup splash logo?
Splash screens are to mask slow start times :)
Ok I have a question: I LOOOOVE the aesthetic but as a software dev, it scares me a bit to use Serenity as my daily driver, do you think it's feasible?
I'm stupid, how do I fix that?
Will pixelpaint follow the same route as serenity browser?
Hello hello! Your opinion about renaming Browser (inside of Serenity) to Ladybird, to match the name? Do you still consider them different projects?
I opened pull request #14806 a while ago and it hasn't been merged yet. How do I get it merged?
I think this has been brought up before, but a casual video every now and again where you just go to random FIXMEs and TODOs I think would be a satisfying watch :)
i implemented half of the firewall, but I cant me asked to add support for userland to allow to add or view rules right now. would it be better to wait till its done or just share?
What count of processes do you think is too much on first install? For example, a typical Windows install has ~100 processes at boot.
how do you separate your personal life from programming? how do you manage to keep working on serenity when you have stuff going on in life?
Yo I just had my Pep rally. It was pretty cool
What do you think about the expression reinventing the wheel in software engineering? I think it's one of the baddest advices that someone can give to a learner for example
"A fixme video? Yeah, that's a good ide...OH SHINY!"
Hey Andreas, just would like to say thanks for inspiration. Your works give me that inspiration to continue my side-projects. 🤠
@Andreas Kling How much "in power" still are you in the whole project? I mean over the last few years a lot of people have joined and contributed code to the project. How much hands-on on all parts? What I mean is: how much hands-on are you still on all parts of the system? Is there anything you gave up completely to others (because maybe you don't like working on those parts)?
What is the default TCP algorithm in Serenity? Cubic?
Also: I have the greatest respect for what you have achieved in the last 2~3 years. It simply boggles my mind on how far you/SerenityOS have come in that time. Congrats on that!
bonjour mr kling! how is your day, is the weather in sweden as rainy as here?
How to break down the first big wall to start understanding the SerenityOS codebase? Is there still a super essential version to analyze?
oh since i am still in a bit of a TOS mindset, what do you think of alec's work on running jakt on templeos? he even made a whole ELF parser to load and run his code!
From one software developer to another: what are your thoughts on Rust (and apologies if you already addressed this in a separate video)?
How far away do you think Jakt is from being used in Serenity?
What is Lagom?
I haven't received any comments on my PR (15121) after 2 weeks, did I do something wrong?
How are kernel drivers implemented? Are they compiled into the kernel or are they run-time loadable modules such as .DLL or .SO?
Last question from me for tonight: Do you remember BeOS? What are your thoughts on BeOS and its re-implementation HaikuOS?
Another thing to help you get into the vibe of the codebase is to read through the diffs on reviewed/merged PRs. Gets you familiar with that part of the system and the changes that are done to it.
That's an interesting point about Jakt compilation to a single cpp file. What are some ideas to automagically split the target to cpp/h files?
Do you think the mixing of Jakt and C++ in Serenity when the two mix will have to be monitored in some way? As in, x things must use C++, y things must use Jakt, or will it be more of a free for all?
I'd rather be interested why you and JT invented Jakt instead of porting Rust over to SerenityOS directly. What problems does Jakt solve that Rust does not address (yet)?
Do you plan to move to SerenityOS to develop the system in the future?
why is the serenity browser slower on Serenity and less on Linux?
And yeah, I totally get the GUI issue. Writing GUI code really depends on the framework you have available and there is no default Rust GUI framework so yeah, I totally get where you are coming from.
Does Serenity have any quirks about making UI updates only on the UI thread? Or do the APIs not really suffer from this? I deal with this all the time time in iOS and Android dev just curious
This whole stream just makes me feel good. Not only is Andreas addressing almost everybodies' comments, but also the users of the community are all friendly and nice and there no hate going around!
HI Andreas. Sorry if its a question you're tired of answering but could you tell me which Linux OS and desktop manager you're using? Is it Ubuntu and KDE?
are you good at math ?
Hello! Good weekend all around
It's been a while since I last saw profiler in a video. I enjoyed watching your optimization workflow and you making extensions to the tooling. Hoping these kinds of videos will make a comeback.
on unrelated note! what are your favorite movie genre?
What is the concern with the "composition over inheritance" approach which used in Rust?
what do you think about implementing fat32 supoort in the kernel?
no matter how much math you learn, offset arithmetic will be your downfall...so why bother :P
Is Serenity aiming for complete POSIX compliance?
I love the fact that profiling is better on serenity
:jedi hand wave: there is no Terminator movie after T2
Oh, one more question (yeah, I am doing a Columbo) how are you dealing with DRM content? From what I understand the big browser makers have hidden contracts to allow DRM protected contents.
Hey Andreas, you have built a browser, os and a programming language. What's next?
Hi Andreas, What do you think about doing kind of a release cycle for serenity? maybe a github tag or something could be helpful with issue tracking and dependency management for ports.
I'd be fine with watching an ad right now
Could you point me to any blog posts or things to google for pleasant MacOS debugging/profiling?
Hi Andreas. When will we use serenity natively? Do you have any predictions ?
What's your opinion about Minix? Wouldn't have been a good starting point for a *NIX OS? (what I'm trying to ask: why not improve on that, fork it and expand it?)
Is it a goal of yours to be able to record and edit videos within Serenity?
What's your favorite specification?
@Andreas Kling Thank you so much for today's stream. This was the first one I ever actually was able to join and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I wish you the best for the future!
Joining a little late, so apologies if it's already been asked, but is the icecc setup documented anywhere? I want to make builds faster but haven't figured out the toolchain stuff yet.
What about the Intel 64 and IA-32 spec?
Gist is usable on ladybird!
hi Andreas bro, how are you?
Just remembered that I'm watching this live, not as a recording.
LibWeb has come so dang far
Browser perf video incoming?
can you point me to where the Applets are launched during startup?
random question: do you have laptop or desktop?
where do you think the browser's bad performance comes from? like, most probable places it could come from