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SerenityOS Office Hours / Lite Version (2022-09-30)
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Introduction. Andreas shows the system running and Ladybird
did you find any good tools for profiling on linux?
does serenity's profiler have a flame graph?
there probably is a tool called PERFume
How do you feel about mongodb?
does LibJS support JIT? if not, are there any plans to implement it?
Late to office hours... Oooh, did we find a decent profiler for linux?
Can you explain the C_OBJECT pattern, and also the "the()" pattern?
how to get started with kernel / OS development
Jakt question; since Jakt transpiles down to C++, could it be used on embedded devices like Arduino?
Hello, how are you doing? πŸ™‚
what's the latest on the sql implementation in serenity?
Do you have gym?
Will there be another developer interview video?
On the subject of Jakt, have you discussed what to do about the unsafe cpp escape hatch if you ever were to switch to direct compilation (as opposed to going through C++).
Woo boy never caught a stream before. Admire you a lot Andreas, thanks for all the incredible stuff you do
IS that SQL library like sqlite?
Hey Andreas! Super inspiring to see you build your OS! First time in my life I got interesting in writing C++ πŸ˜ƒ
Hi! Is that boy on your thumbnails is you? :D
I miss your car talk videos
hi, im Tobias and I am a serenity developer, I haven't landed a single commit on the last half a year... at your service
it seems JTs jaktnNes monster gives larger validation on the need/usefulness of Jakt. how much has his project reaffirmed your dedication to Jakt?
talking about databases: how do you determine whether a database should in used a certain case? i never really got that. in web it seems kinda habitual to use databases in the backend, but i haven't really heard these choices justified.
Hey Andreas. Thanks for taking initiative and creating something for the "fun" of it. The world truly needs more independent developers and software. Godspeed
What's the point of the Prekernel?
G'day @Andreas Kling! Just wanted to say thanks for the videos. They're some of my favourite content to watch while working. It's like sitting next to a smart colleague who likes to talk to himself
can u explain how signal capturing library work in serenity hackstudio i was trying to solve issue #14429
Discard the "programming socks" and embrace the "dev beard" πŸ˜›
dude, you look tired
Time to add the 'hacktoberfest' tag... live?
Do you knows others wiki like osdev for others things ?
I'll do almost anything for a free t-shirt!
Have you looked into Herb Sutter's attempt at fixing C++ with his "CppFront"?
Is there a dark mode for SerenityOS?
I'm not having any luck with running the serenity profiler -- one of the internal checks is failing.
will make a version of serenity os for mobiles?
Hey Andreas, is there a chance you'll be at FOSDEM 2023?
would you rather fight 100 ladybug sized yaks or one yak sized ladybug?
You were quite harsh on the person said they couldn't land a commit in six month
Why isn’t it possible to create an open source OS but also engage commercially? There is a huge vacuum for reliable, secure and elegant OS in the market
i can't even have music with lyrics when i'm reading or programing πŸ˜…
Google is making downloading free ram (adblockers) much less effective with manifest v3. Any thoughts on this adblock blocker?
90C on your chip!? Might wanna invest in some cooling 😲
LOL C++ has tons of 'safety' features, its more like novice programmers dont use them
I wanted to profile windowmanager but ended up giving up
For native code in the future for Jakt, there is no planβ„’, but would you like to use LLVM, or some other intermediary?
<= formelly known (or not known lol) as TomTom
What kind of allocator are you using in Serenity?
"Let's see if it cools down" -- immediately goes from 87 to 101 degrees πŸ˜•
Fabrice Bellard'sTCC as the back end? ;)
Is a compiler toolkit the next Serenity project? πŸ˜€
LLVM might be slow, but it allows you to use clang-analyzer, no?
Maybe jakt could transpile into some cursed form of C that could then be compiled really fast :D
In regards of sensors; The package is CPU average iirc
what will come first, 1k contributors or 50k commits?
What do you think about google carbon ?
You used to make videos almost daily, and now there's either spurs of several videos in a series or just a video a week or two. What changed in your workflow that does not allow for videos anymore?
pffff, nowadays jakt's runtime is >30% of the total runtime when compiling jakt itself
i've heard someone say this before but serenity's UI feels solid and dependable, while more modern user interfaces feel different. do you think there is a way to get the best of both worlds?
this a very weird question but: how much do you take your emotional state into consideration when deciding what to do? Do you have a logical philosophy you follow or do you rely on your gut?
I think seeing you rewrite the LibWeb layout system would be really cool even if its just a part of the work