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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-10-07)
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Andreas, halloween soon, floating head office hour? (hide the mic and have a shirt that matches the greenscreen)
i think you talked about this before but how do you avoid programming dread? i start a project, theres a big task to do, and then i dread doing that task and things end up worse
so you will still be doing office hours right? someone mentioned you might pause?
Where is the best place to send car talk idea / requests? Obviously you don't have to take requests just curious : )
you did a lot of libweb hacking yesterday, do you mind demoing some fruits of your labor?
what do you think about create alternative to systemd for serenity?
Hellow Andreas, from a Brazilian in Texas.
What countries did you visit in your life?
I presume Ladybird hasn't been ported to Windows because of some major architectural issues. What would need to be done to get Ladybird building and running on Windows (without resorting to WSL)?
Had my first PR merged to the jakt repo this week, super awesome experience. Started with string interpolation, got yak baited for template literals, realised I need function overloading and while working on this missed some vs code feature. The yak(t) stack is real
Probably should have used this for the last message. Last message: Thanks for starting this awesome community and good job attracting nice people
very cool. thanks for explaining. Easier to rip off the archl bandaid now than layer hacks on top.
how's discord support so far? got me wondering because i'm rewatching the discord saga.
What do you think about the Plan9/9Front OS and it's ideas, like plumbing?
Does SerenityOS have a a concept of a Dialog Designer for GUI/Dialog based apps? (comparing it with Win32 dialogbox like apps)
Why aren't you using ladybird for google maps 😛
Regarding Ladybird on other OS's... what about Ladybird on Mac?
how easy would it be to set up Serenity on my little raspberry pi? Apologies if this is addressed in detail elsewhere
Recently learned about Git WorkTrees. Is that something you use to work on multiple changes at the same time?
hello all! been having tons of fun messing with some of the emoji related bugs in the txt editor this week! hoping to get some commits in soon. cheers!
I would like to see something like Cucumber and Gherkin into SerenityOS in order to make MVP's
i recently got my first commit into serenityos! it was a small goal of mine, and i also got some motivation from hacktoberfest
is there any Jakt code in Serenity atm?
Would a USB drive format tool (like the one in windows) be a nice addition to SerenityOS?
if april 1st ever lands on a friday again maybe we'll get a rare stream ad
what OS you are using ?
I was just watching an old car talk video where you mentioned that at one of your prev jobs, your manager was breaking down tasks for you to make it more approachable to you, this kind of mentorship I don't have at work, I'm trying to find it now in Serenity, still struggling to find stuff to work onm as I don't have much interest in a specific things. Would it be possible for you or others to write down like a specific needed real tasks and other folks pick up from those.
Nice to see the return of car talk!
I asked this in the server but since you mentioned it just now, what's the difference between the active_window and the active_input_window in the window manager?
Adreas I love your hacking videos they are fantanstic! While watching your videos, I noticed your awesome skills about Git. Would you like to show us your some common workflows about it?
My yaktoberfest t-shirt is allegedly currently being printed
Jakt seems like it was built very well, very very quickly. You had a multi-featured language in what, 2 weeks? What do you think helped you have that level of productivity and speed for making Jakt?
Would it be possible to create a custom WindowServer type thing, to customize the desktop to our liking? Like for co-example "replacing explorer.exe in windows with a custom written version by you"
Some of my stupid comments ended up in commute talk some years ago, can we still ask stupid questions for car talk?
What do you think about the Nix package manager, for me it feels like the only sane solution that we currently have. And are there any plans on a package management solution for serenity?
Oh hey cool, then I am guessing it will be shipped either today or early next week
Jakt to me is like the Dart of systems programming. Easy to use, easy to read, takes inspiration from the best parts and syntax features of other languages but adds its own new ideas
There is a #package-Manager channel on Discord
Will you end up incrementally rewriting LibWeb/LibJS/Ladybird in Jakt, like Mozilla experimented with with rust?
With GIT you said you don't use branches. I see you work on main in videos. Do you only focus on one item at a time?
Oh yea i almost forgot. A week or so ago, i finally wanted to compile and start contributing to os, however when i started compilation my laptop started heating up so much and compilation lasted for 30 min is that normal or is it just first time compilation, i dont want to burn my cpu yet
How do you prepare for your bugfix videos? Do you prepare ahead of time or do you start recording and do it all in one take? I'm trying to learn some productivity tips to help me tackle new problems
if anyone want to start contributing to serenity for the first time on what they like, what they need to know and where to start?
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