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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-10-14)
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Introduction, mic is fried xD
Hi Andreas, how are you feeling today?
hey andreas. is this going to be a short live stream or a regular one?
Are you planning to implement a JIT Compiler for the JavaScript VM? If yes will you use LLVM, Cranelift or a ad-hoc solution for code generation?
I have ./serenity and ./ladybird in the same dir. When I change in libweb, and build ladybird, it doesn't pick up on my changes, what do you do to make that happen? Maybe I need a "ninja" crash course
are you sitting in the car only for the video?
time for some officing B)
personally, I find JIT in anything to be scary... look at WebKit, many exploits are dealing with JIT, and for how much performance gain?
Would you consider aarch64 for your main Serenity machine, like a Raspberry pi or Pinebook?
when wasm is more videly adopted, that may be alleviate the need for JS jitting
Did you do any research on creating layouts for libGui? Did you start off simple and figure it out as you went along?
rebuilding serenity on the side, stream is veryy choppy...
IMO JIT really improves the performance of current websites since nowadays many websites use tons of JavaScript. Also, its worth noting than as of today there are safe alternatives for building
For months I've been using Lockdown mode on iOS which disables JavaScript JIT system wide. Web performance has been absolutely fine
Have you ever considered uploading office hours to a podcast platform? I often listen to it without looking at my screen, and I would love to do this without having the YT-App open all the time.
is LibWeb's wasm slow too? asking bc it is said that wasm is slower than js currently in the popular web browsers (mostly due to DOM operations I think)
any architecture or hardware or software or operating system that gives me fast compile times is the one i want! my biggest gripe of using Boost is it's compile times.. seconds for individual units :(
Does jakt have gdb/lldb debugging support? At what point is it safe to start self hosting a language? Are there some minimum set of features you need like debugging?
is JIT any less safe than an interpretor? You're still running arbitrary code from the internet right?
it's hard to test out LibWeb wasm on real websites because emscripten assumes that fetch() exists :)
click on 3 dots on the top of the chat. There is an option toggle timestamps
Happy birthday SerenityOS. Really nice to see how the project continues to improve everyday. Thank you all for the amazing stuff you’re doing
what are we drinking today, some nice tea i hope?
fuck am i shadowbanned?
Would you learn a programming language only for the reason it fascinates you?
hey dude just wanted to stop by and tell you that i love your videos i am learning so much from them thanks :)
I was watching your latest browsing hacking, and had the feeling that some of the drudge work should be doe was some tool like Github Codepilot, espically as it is well commented. What do you think?
are you in Europe? I was thinking you are American for some reason but it's only 9:30am here.
How is jakt progressing? What are the current blockers for jakt to be used in serenity?
"Now would be a good time to insert ads" says Youtube while you're talking about :earlygrey: :thonk:
Did you use Borland Turbo C++ back in the day? If so, do you remember the version and the overall experience?
Hey Andreas! What IDE theme do you use? :^)
I learn a lot from by lurking on discord too :)
but the build system is already integrated :p for jakt and serenity
Hi Andreas! One of my favorite shortcuts in Serenity is the Super+drag to move and resize windows. I've noticed that you seem to be able to use it without making the start menu pop up how?
Why you choose C++ over C to build serenity?
Hi Andreas! Good to know we share the taste for neapolitan pizza. 2 questions maybe already answered. a) Does Jakt has multi-line comments? b.) Does Serenity changed a design decision in the language?
There could be a knob on your mic that you can tweak with that adjusts gain πŸ™‚ OBS will quiet you down, but the input will always be peeking. So it's peeking but... quieter πŸ˜€ Definitely better tho.
I added ENABLE_JAKT to Serenity back in like May or June πŸ˜…
lurking is a great way to learn and see whats going on with the system.. i remember a long time ago lurking in IRC and you talking about some TCP thing... not certain anymore but def interested me :^)
I'm clearly pressing the super key too much
Any thoughts about re-adding the IRC client?
I meant while "on-the-go"
ahhh. yeah there's some design and legwork to talk to LibGUI from jakt. it "should work"
wasn't that IRC client the last user of the IPWV? that's what i recall a benefit of removing it being :^)
I reproduced it on QEMU on Windows... gonna bug people in Discord about it if I get a chance :)
Did you use to read the 'Lambda the Ultimate' blog?
What are the four graphs at the bottom of your screen?
i'm most excited about the transition to x86-64/removing x86 support... makes serenity more modern, but also puts fire underneath people to fix and implement x86-64 things like USB and LibX86!
I've been enjoying JTs jaktnesmonster videos cause the Jakt language looks awesome and makes sense to have those graphs there!
I left all those x86_64 TODOs as, uh, an exercise to the reader.
As of recent news Rust will be in Linux, so for curiosity what are your thoughts on Rust in Serenity and Rust in general
Loved your most recent car talk :). It is really great to see such incredible progress on Serenity OS browser. Hope one day it replaces Firefox and such as a de-facto browser.
Along with the Youtube ads msg the weekly Rust question is a tradition
Keep up the awesome work!
That's what Mozilla did with Rust (for Firefox) and JetBrains did with Kotlin (for IntelliJ), so there is precedence for creating your own language to use in the project you are working on.
Which areas of SerenityOS are drawing the most developer attention in the past week or two?
what does your wife think of Serenity at the moment?
80:20 rule, 80% repeating questions, 20% new :p
we'll need to give the plan a cute name. ladyplan? planbuggie. buggieplan? plandybird. planrenity
What are you most excited about at the moment?
Is Ladybird the browser in SerinityOS or does it use a different browser? I looked it up and it's using Qt instead of the Serenity GUI library.
Ladybird is a cute application