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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-10-28)
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how will libgl support shaders since shaders weren't introduced until opengl 2.0
I've adopted the approah of linking to spec pages and including spec language in the code comments. I've previously referenced to EBNF symbol names, but find your approach useful. That's for a personal compiler/language tooling for a language (XPath/XQuery).
those video where fun to watch
once we get shader support we can also do some really crisp font rendering
Hi, you've mentioned before that you like for Jakt to have a fast compilation time. So, even for a release build you're fine with having fast compilation time with less performance at runtime?
msdfgen looks really cool, it was based off Valves text rendering
How do you manage to keep an overal structure of your code in your head. An OS has to be a gigantic project
Hows Jakt going atm, any milestones (incremental or otherwise)?
We need more videos! Next JT Jakt collab, when? Those are fun to watch as well.
What did you work on this week?
How to center a div?
Thanks! That was actually me : P
For me, the worst thing about programming is trying to see the full picture. I often get deep into coding and realize that I am digging myself into a larger hole.
what was you working as in your first job?
I wonder how do you manage to almost never mention C++ specific (like oh this is a RVO I'll return without a move here). But at my work place everyone talk about C++ specifics more than the product itself. What's good about you (or what's wrong with them) :)?
maybe gap isn't fully implemented. I know a lot of pages use flex or grid + gap
I recently watched your JS engine profiling video and you seemed really in your element. Is that what your daily job looked like at Apple?
Have you ever managed an AMD/NV GPU driver stub? It's been a huge pain as their Linux drivercode is massive, ever got anything working?
I tried to load YT the other day in Ladybug, but ran out of double buffer space - maybe just a too high hanging fruit for a firstie :)
Exposing NodeFilter on the Winodw object will make their polyfill get to the point where it starts loading :^)
I find profile based optimizations to be very satisfying. It's great when you can achieve a 10x speedup or replace an O(N^2) loop.
silly question, do you consume nicotine?
mostly because NodeFilter is a callback interface :^( so requires a bit of IDL trickery
Performance, bug fixing, features, hardware compatibility - What would you say are the important points to focus on?
What filesystems are supposed in Serenity? Did you invent your own?
Personal question if you're comfortable: do you get imposter syndrome?
whats up with this taylor swift instagram?
SerenityOS would be less interesting without all the technical debt to fix. :P
Do you have an exercise routine focussed on wrists and arms, like stretching and warming? If so when do you do these exercises?
We also have FAT32 now I'm pretty sure. :^)
Can you use the serenity for the development?
The thing with Impostor Syndrome is that you have it currently, then you deny that you have it - you just say “BUT I ACTUALLY AM BAD!” You need external reinforcement to break it
You can't currently type the letter 'c' in a layer name in pixel paint because there is an action with C as its shortcut. There are a couple PRs aiming to fix this but I'm curious your thoughts on it
thanks for the feedback :)
@Andreas Kling Opened PR #15835 for YouTube :^)
seeing stuff being fixed in the browser is really cool, maybe because you can visually see it but I love visual problems the most
When I run ./Build/ladybird without the ninja rule I get assertion failed. even though I did the export of serentiy dir thing
Luke === Hero <3
Issue #15663
How do you feel about using Fuzzers for development?
does serenity has midi abstraction?
Hi Andreas and Serenity OS Crew!
one of my favourite named fuzzers is DOMato
Make sure to choose open issues in the dropdown, since by default it shows fixed ones as well
now it's 140 issues instead of 840, which is slightly better :^)
the search button is next to the drop down lol