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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-11-04)
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Timestamps for office hours wen?
(in reference to Linus joining TC39) or the Unicode Consortium... ;-)
I just watched the LiveOverflow videos on the Kernel vulnerabilities again, and they're still very interesting. Has there been any more vulnerabilities that have popped up, if yes, where?
Has creating Ladybird created any unexpected complexity by needing to develop Browser and Ladybird at the same time?
The real bounty was the friends they made along the way
I wonder how long before Ladybird gets entrusted a DRM decryption key for Encrypted Media Extensions 🙂
Also offering 2,000,000 IRR sounds a lot better then 50$. :caret:
how is the sync between Ladybird's repo and the serenity monorepo being done? I've heard of git subtree, maybe it could help idk
What's your thoughts "unsigned types should never been used in C++"?
Well hello friends :caret:
Have you considered a tool like Google's Repo for combining multiple git repositories into one mono project?
have you looked at std::expected yet? it basically returns a value or error like the Rust result. I've been using it and it has been great
Hi from Germany! Is your distro still Ubuntu Mate? Looks awesome!
What are your thoughts on testing? I noticed that you always create small reproducer in your "browser hacking" videos, but don't seem to commit them as automated regression tests. Why is that?
What is your favourite technique for YakBaiting someone?
Are you running the latest LTS? if so have you updated openssl?
Have you tried running the tests from the CSS and other specs to check conformance?
Good afternoon! it is great to see all the progress on the browser.
Have you worked on garbage collection before Serenity?
glad to see another discord video, they're some of my favourites
Is there a giant pdf with all the css spec content? I can only seem to find small parts of the spec for things like box-sizing, and flex
Are you planning on completely rethinking some parts of how an OS is typically made? For example running the OS on its own core or maybe getting rid of multi user log in etc
I love how you dive into things you have little experience on. For example, in one of your videos you jumped into building a vm for js
What is missing in Serenity before you would try to switch to it?
you should review PRs in live in future
Do you think picking up popular websites and working on them till they're semi perfect a good way to progress ladybird? think of it as making the common case work, kinda like discord but more broad
Whats your opinion on PCIe being a closed specification? I'm trying to write my own kernel (thank you for inspiring me) and it annoys me that all I have available are open source implementations of it
What do your old colleagues from Apple think about Serenity?
are there some developers from chrome, safari or Firefox developing ladybug?
Hey , I just came here after reading your blog "How I make a living" and I checked your Youtube to sub , then saw you live.
Except for the Serenity, do you have any categories that you are interested in? And if you were to start a new project, what would it be?
I've seen this suggested in the comments of some of your videos but have you thought about doing a video where you just go through and fix a lot of FIXMEs
What would you think of a serenity like project but in lisp?
It'd be very nice if you make a tour video on your GC and how it works!
someone from SeaMonkey too
that yak in the wallpaper is cute
If you don't mind, could you explain the whole LibWeb stack of how a resource (like an image) gets downloaded till it gets displayed?
Andreas, how do you feel about extensions for Ladybird/Browser? If you would like to see it, would you then prefer WebExtensions support or a custom extension format? (there is only xul) :caret:
could you please take a look at #15877? that's a small PR to automatically test utilities (currently only testing echo)
Just to let you know, pretty much everything you do is interesting :)
(does youtube prevent messages with links from sending? i didn't see my first message on the live chat lol)
What is the worst way you can think of/saw of centering a div?
Could we get monthly updates of Jakt like for SerenityOS
Hey Andreas - being that you're obviously a big proponent of open source, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts regarding the lawsuit against GitHub relating to Copilot. Keep up the awesome work!
Hello! Could you please say - do you use any tasks management tool?
Speaking of Yacktoberfest: Did you get nice contribution from it and/or spammy PR ?
Sorry for being a normie, would you explain what is a yak and yak baiting?
How did I forget that he was born on 32nd of Leptember :p
I learned web development by making tables in Thunderbirds editor and copying the HTML source lol
The worst thing about tables is how their "specified"
Andreas, would love to see a behind the scenes what goes into one of your video recordings(equipment, recording, editing, etc). Basically a video of you making a video. Kinda meta... :yakbait:
Andrew Kaster had said on the Discord server, while talking about being able to test utilities: "I mean you can write a monster shell script if you likeI'd rather write tests using LibTest"
I learned HTML from Microsoft Frontpage included in Office 2003 on my first IBM Windows XP PC, it let you make HTML documents like a Word doc and see the source
that's some serious leave-a-vim-in-insert-mode baiting
Is there any room for a non-C++ developer to contribute to Serenity/Jakt/Ladybird? If yes, where is the place place to jump in?
pull request 15919
Does Universal Paperclips work in Ladybird?