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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-11-11)
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Just noticed the livestreams description "SerenityOS is a Unix-like operating system that I'm implementing from scratch." "With some help" should probably be added... πŸ˜€
Youtube just announced Q&A mode, might've been made for you :)
I probably missed this elsewhere, but what are your thoughts on io_uring - more specifically, do you think it’s a superior type of kernel api design?
Im beginner dev who watch kling's vid :33
i am sorry if i live under a rock but are there any plans for a full compiler for jakt instead of transpiling it to C++?
WH Andreas :^) A while ago I picked up C++ inspired by your content. Today was my first week as a software engineer. Thank you for helping me find joy in programming! The C++ shortcut is real.
I have a question too, could you please give me a primer about how multithreading and multiprocessing is implemented in Serenity? This is a broad question but a general overview would be appreciated.
Okay, so the scheduler is responsible for picking the threads rather than the threads polling the scheduler to tasks?
Andreas doesn't have plans.. but rather "goals".. correct?
I loved the JS optimization video you uploaded today. Lots of low hanging fruit left to optimize, I was kinda expecting obj/type specialization, but I guess you'll get there soon enough
if dont know any C++ how can i still contribute to the serenityos project?
@Johnny Rice The people who don't know C++ (and don't want to learn C++) usually works on fonts, emoji, icons, documentation, reporting bugs, etc. :caret:
Thank you for your great content, i have seen one of your videos to try to understand how Location Interface in browser is implemented in the browser side. i'm trying to override the main location instance in the window, but unfortunately looks like this is not possible !
Hey Andreas. I remember watching your content 2 or 3 years ago, feels like a lifetime ago. i was learning to code in racket and enjoyed trying to understand your hacking vids. now i make games for fun. i have a business unrelated to coding but i love it and can't stop
what do you think about the work-in-progress Jail infrastructure for securely isolating processes, especially the Ports stuff, etc?
Was the discussion you mentioned overhearing about running the various performace benchmarks (Kraken, ...) that Mozilla, etc. use on things like arewefastyet to track perf?
I've been working with C# at work and it's diffrent.
Just letting you know that you have Subscribers-only mode on for the chat. People cannot post messages unless they subscribe and wait 5 minutes.
Andreas, approximately how much of you time do you spend on programing in comparison to administration of the project(content creation, blog posts, discord chatting, store updating, interviews, etc)?
On the subject of learning by insight vs. imitation, what is uniquely new/different in Serenity OS that you are fond/proud of?
Programming is fun! I get the same joy out of it as playing vidya.
(AK showing some web dos emulator thing)
Impressive that you always solve the problems you set out to fix in your videos. I suspect there are some videos that didn't make the cut :) Would be nice to see some of these failed ones occasionally
"frames per seconds?" ... "No, No, No, seconds per frames."
What does the red flash in terminal emulator mean?
I mean it would certainly encourage beginners to see that the reality is that sometimes you don't get a lot of things done
Hey @Andreas Kling I've been watching for a long while now and I just wanted to say thanks for all you do and keep up the great work.
Estimating is always hard to do.
you should have a failed video + walk away talking loudly video ...which follows the failed video. #reality-tv
I hear System76 is working on a rust-based immediate-mode desktop environment named COSMIC. It's my understanding that IMGUIs can normally be found in games. What are your opinions on IMGUIs (and their place in a desktop environment)?
I feel like retained mode guis are usually easier to style
Hi Andreas
I've been looking for something to contribute for a while - is there a spell-checker yet? I've been toying with symmetric-delete schemes lately and it's been kind of circling my head
Can you describe some of the git commit automation you use?
I believe the GUI for embergen etc which is an industrial grade software is in immediate mode. Cherno's hazel engine also uses imgui. (other message) immediate mode is good for game engine tools where you are already rendering a new frame each iteration
I got bored of toying with the GUI so I dropped it, the code is somewhere in my fork of serenity :shrug:
What purpose would you want to serenityos be used?
What are your goals?
And play DosBox games ;)
maybe we should start by porting perl xD
are there any precommit checks that run such as formatting or linting?
and do you have any rules in your vimrc that help you see the line limits for commit messages?
perl is notoriously difficult to cross-compile. Not that I want to disincentivize anyone.
Serenity OS target for me is a NES emulator like FCEUX, etc and Super Mario Bros.
Would you want Serenity to eventually be able to run Linux binaries? Or do you want to keep things pure serenity?
The GPU drivers are a bigger task for getting steam type games than a linux compatability thing
Hey! I've been following Serenity for a couple of years now and I must say I love the browser hacking videos! And I don't think I've ever heard you speak Swedish, being a Swede myself
Also, a bit late but I must humbly protest that not knowing C++ is limiting yourself in the project. Any area of work is imho equally valid :caret:
jaktnesmonster port wen
how difficult it would be to adapt the js engine for other scripting languages?
just saying hi, haven't been on the stream for some months :caret: