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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2022-11-18)
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you've seen herb sutter's work on cpp2?
Hi Andreas, I've heard that you said "You need Inheritance/virtual dispatch in order to build UI systems" while quoting rust.
I think the accent on "bruh" when you pronounce my username is amazing.
what is the largest/most awkward function/variable name you've come across in the serenity codebase?
There’s also a large segment of the C++ community that does not handle critique well.
Perhaps a bit off-topic, but now that twitter is having a rocky time, have you considered Mastodon? I see JT is already on it.
Hi friend! What timer source is used in Serenity for task switch interrupts?
how is jakt doing?
I like Rust a lot but I haven’t yet learned how to design a larger app architecture that matches its requirements.
People tend to forget that some things are simply subjective and there is no one definite truth
I watched your new FIXME video this morning. Hopefully more to come. I like the surprise aspect of it. You never know what you will get :sweat_smile:
If you had to pick one, which would it be? 1. You can only use one or more 'a's for variable names. E.g. aaaaa = 5 and aa = true. Or, 2. you can only program from a smartphone without any external hardware connected to it.
WHF, bit of a different question. I'll soon finish my M.Sc in computer science. I am trying to decide between working in management consulting or tech. What are your opinions on mgmt consulting?
Where do you get your computer backgrounds from? They are one of the things I look forward to seeing when you post a new video :^)
Ooh, the Jakt/Serenity singularity is coming then! Very cool
With things getting more and more uncertain for centralized internet services, what do you think about making a microblog section(stuff that you would put on twiter) for your website with an rss feed?
I think fixme videos will become a yakbait documentary
Have you ever used Go? What do you think about it?
Thank you for the answer! It was more insightful than you probably felt. Always nice to get insights from someone with different experiences from me.
are there no plans to replace CMake with a solution as part of Jakt? Languages like Zig and Rust have their own build systems
Oh no, if you learn cmake then Andrew will be out of a job!
Hey, I’m often caught watching the replay of the streams and miss the opportunity to ask questions, have you considered allowing people to post questions before the next stream?
I'd say the boring and uninteresting issues are the best to tackle since those are likely to not get the attention and remain unsolved the longest.
Hey are you a fan of "Agile" ? curious on your opinion on this
Just wanted to say that your channel and coding vids give me the motivation to work on my own projects whenever i feel down πŸ™‚ Thank you for your work !
that sounds like every agile team
Did you read Joel Spolsky's blog back in the day?
I think it makes prioritizing easier and easier to help developers deliver smaller parts. But I dislike when agile becomes too rigid and religious
Hello friends! Nice to catch the live stream! πŸ₯³ Hope you all have an awesome weekend!
I didn't. I just complained that agile doesn't really exist anymore. The practices the corporations label as 'agile' definitely isn't agile.
"rigid and religious" sounds very agile (...) we do agile at my company, and it feels like agile is something we're trying to stick to without thinking about why
I think you mentioned that you worked with MS Visual Basic back in the day, do you remember learning about having a VM running underneath your code and what did you think about that at first?
No ads? Voluntarily missing out on revenue? Blasphemy!
how can i be an expert c++ developer?
Agile started as a manifesto which pretty much matches the way you work now Andreas. Release small chunks of work, get feedback from your users, always be iterating and improving. Then it was adopted by corporates and turned into a set of processes that have very little to do with the original agile principles.
MSDN and also the online MS resources. They were very useful and very in-depth
Does youtube or github take the largest cut of membership/sponsorship πŸ€”
I've already been sponsoring you for a while there, I was just curious if youtube was better
how do you get started collaborating with other people on projects?
Do you enjoy 3d graphics programming?
Did you (or do you) play video game consoles? If so, what was your 1st or most memorable one?
do you have any experience with or thoughts on pair programming?
how long did it take you to be able to load user programs inside your kernel
whats the largest refactor you’ve done in serenity?
have you seen gambas? a form of basic
Will we see more Jakt videos soon?
What do you think of life simulation and evolutionary algorithms?
Have you heard of the book Racing the Beam(by Ian Bogost and Nick Montfort) about the Atari 2600 game development challenges?
Did you have lΓΆrdagsgodis as a child
hi Andreas bro, what is your answer to people who afraid of breaking production code in the process of refactoring, and do not touch the code?
Nice, I'm still doing it haha