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SerenityOS Office Hours / Q&A (2023-01-13)
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Andreas, what's the dancing yellow lines on bottom left on your screen? That's new, right?
Is there a need in streaming parsers for XML/JSON in Serenity OS? Do you think it can bring considerable performance boost in some use cases?
what's a streaming parser?
Well Hello Andreas, whats currently blocking jakt from being used in the system/ has any progress been made recently on that front?
It's friday the 13th, we now have an excuse for when stuff isn't working :^)
I recall there is a streaming equivalent to the DOM for XML too. I don't think I've ever seen it used for anything though, but then I've never worked in enterprise Java environments.
how friendly is it to other encodings aside from utf8?
Are you thinking of removing bitmap fonts? There was some discussion about fractional scaling, do you think it's worth it for that?
Do you think all apps for SerenityOS should be written in Jakt eventually, instead of getting apps from a port system?
Do you have thoughts on SunOS/Solaris? I'm about to try Solaris 8 on sparc64 for the first time.
These can be scaled to x2, x3, etc without much effort, no? Do you think that bitmap will lose the status as default in the system? (asking for a friend :-p)
There is a way to "write pixel fonts" in scaleable formats, its a bit of an art
Can you give me tea link so i can mess with your taxes
Is there any format like XML/JSON/YAML that is impervious to the string delimiter problem, where instead of wrapping content in some tag/delimiter pair you have a verifiable/guaranteed size/structure?
don't vector font generate bitmat font for usage ?
Vector fonts IS tedious. I tried to create Katica.ttf but hated it. 🤣
Best way to report taxes on tea commissions is to not report taxes ;)
Hi Andreas. Great OS and a great code base. Is the best way to learn os programming by first learning embedded programming? You get exposed to things like the system memory map and the DMA engines.
how is the weather in sweden?
JT takes a look at KDL format a couple of days ago, it also includes (optional) declarations
What is the current status of Jakt?
Sweden is pretty tall, the weather here in the middle part is newly re-snowed, but southern parts probably are wetter...
Could you give an overview of how LibWeb lays out and paints a document?
Thanks for the answer. One more question please. How did go about learning how to load a process sing the ELF format? Its failry challenging.
did you start serenityOS in 2018? if so, it hasn't been that long
Does the self-hosted Jakt compiler transpile to C++, or does it have its own backend?
Hello Andreas! Just wanted to say that I started a project to timestamp (and tag) these videos. I'm 6% done atm. Hope you don't feel too weird about it. :caret:
If you want to understand the executable formats, you should check out the assembly languages. FASM, NASM, YASM forums and documentations are quite good for understanding them.
Are the serenity header files in "serenity/AK/" cross platform enough to be used in other, non Serenity related projects for Linux and Windows?
Why not a distinct CSS or style tree in libweb? You mentioned the dom tree was combined with css to form the layout tree?
What do you think about CLion? Is that worth it?
Which companies have recently made an offer for you to work for them?
Jakt works on windows, so AK works on windows what's one not-compiling cpp file between friends
Hello Andreas, new subscriber here... where do you learn low-level, system specific stuff more, reading books. or reading code?
Hello Andreas :^) What happens to a serenity program from _start to main, I''m trying to build a minimal replacement for libc in linux and _start confuses and fascinates me.
I'm constantly looking up things about how to use C++, lol. that part never stops
it's set up that way to align the stack for the system-V ABI
Hi Andreas, did you read the blog by Chromium on including Rust in their build system? Curious, is there a reason you stuck to C++ for Serenity OS? Or you plan to expand to Rust third-aprty libs?
How would I go about improving the 'Piano' app? I want to add a simple sequencer.
When you say, not appropriate (Rust for Serenity), could you expand on that? Or maybe make a video in near future?
What's the current status of the locking mechanisms in Serenity? I remember you speaking about migrating away from mutexes
jakt is its own compiler. it compiles jakt into C++
Andreas sorry for the noob question, but how did you learn the fundamentals how compiler design? Did you read the dragon book or something else?
I am particularly interested in the development phases of network drivers and TCP/IP stack in Serenity, couldn't find videos about it, could you point me to places if they exist?