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Office Hours with Guest: Linus Groh
23 questions
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I have to say Linus inconsistent schedule is one of the most consistent schedules I’ve seen
LGH & Andreas, lets start with an easy question, do you use SerenityOS for anything not related to development of the system? I find myself boot up the system from time to time just to play Flood :^)
totally related; AK: #content-announce looks very sad and alone, give maybe the poor thing some love?
what are the current hot spots of the system, where is the busy buzzing right now?
what "path" would you recommend one took when making a browser renderer, excluding JS for sake of this question? "Don't do it" is a reserved answer :^)
Andreas, ever since you said that you think only in english for a decade I've been curious how you sound in swedish. Can you say something in swedish?
Also lovely to see Linus
WHF! What do you think of different Error classes? Show errors be oop? If I'm not mistaken ErrorOf has only one error type, right?
Love the new office Andreas
i believe "final stop" is "slut destination" in swedish. that's among the < 10 swedish words i know
What concurrency primitives do serenity make use of? Did you use GCD while at Apple, and did that influence parts of serenity's design? Do you make use of C++ futures/coroutines?
Just from gut feeling: If you wanted to make something inside serenity scriptable, would you just use LibJS, or maybe want to build "JakSkript" (or something like that?
favorite open source project next to serenity?
how is linus financing his life and what is he actually doing (if not serenity)?
what's new in jakt land? last i checked, the repo looked like the Ali show
I just recently noticed that the undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, & save buttons are pretty redundant for "power users". Do you think a system wide setting of just hiding them is a good idea?
i can code a little bit but have no clue about OS development. How to start?
You often say that some languages aren't suited for SerenityOS because they don't support OOP. Can you go into more detail on why OOP is your preferred way to build applications?
hi, is there a DBMS in serenity?
Linus, has programming for SerenityOS in C++ influenced the way you program in Python or Javascript? Do you put more emphasis on the newer static typing features in Python for example?
As someone who's not worked with C++ before, how can I start contributing to SerenityOS?
What is missing in SerenityOS? (A broad question but would love too hear what Andreas and/or Linus thinks about it) :caret: